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It was made by Charles Xavier Thomas Edison De Colmar

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Q: Who invented the arithmometer?
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What is an arithmometer?

An arithmometer is essentially a old school calculator. It's mechanical, rather than computerized, like today's calculators.

Who started the calculating and accounting machines industry?

Charles Xavier Thomas, of France, is credited with starting the calculating and accounting machines industry when he introduced the arithmometer in the 1870s.

What was Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz's contribution to mathematics?

Leibniz is well known for his development of calculus independently of Isaac Newton. In the 20th century his Law of Continuity and Transcendental Law of Homogeneity were found to have mathematical implication and the binary number system was also refined thanks to him. Finally, he invented the Leibniz wheel which is used in the arithmometer. Most of his contributions are to do with both science and mathematics, although he is most known for developing calculus.

When were calculators first mass produced?

the first mass produced calculator is the arithmometer developed by Charles xavier thomas de colmar in 1820 in France. this device performed the same type of computations with leibniz's stepped reckoner but was more reliable

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