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Looks like there were many people involved over a period of time:

  • French Jesuit Ferdinand Verbiest invented the first steam car in China in the year 1672.
  • Nicolas Joseph Cugnot of France built a steamautomobile in 1769.
  • Gustave Trouve of France designed and invented the first electric car in 1881.
  • Karl Benz was the German mechanical engineer who designed, patented and in 1885 built the world's first practical automobile to be powered by a gasoline engine.
  • Gottlieb Daimler developed a similar engine about the same time as Karl Benz, but Benz got the first patent.

It was in the late 1800's. Mercedes-Benz


The first car was invented by Nicolas Joseph Cugnat and it was powered by steam. It was recognised as the first by the British Royal Automobile Club. Leonardo da vinci drew a clock work car as early as 1478. The first working model was built around 2004, and was seen at an exhibition in Florence.
Karl Benz is usually sited with the invention of the first car in 1885. Henry Ford invented the assembly line, allowing an affordable automobile to middle Americans.

Henry Ford
That depends what you consider the first car. There are a number of devices going back to the 1700's that could be considered a "car". If you mean a modern car in the sense of having a gasoline engine, 4 wheels, etc., Karl Benz is generally considered the inventor, though George Selden had a workable automobile engine somewhat earlier, and had the patent in the US.
Henry Ford Invented The First Motor Cars. The automobile was around before Henry Ford introduced his vehicles.
Depends on how you define "car". An American in the 1860's invented a form or type of a car, but it wasn't much. In 1889 a German inventor named Benz did have a car that could be used and driven.

Edward Chatman
Ferdinand Verbiest
The germans mercedes
Henry ford
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That would really depend on what criteria you use to describe the first car. Mercedes-Benz often is credited with Karl Benz's first "automobile" in 1885. But, it only had three wheels and three wheeled vehicles are usually classified as motorcycles. If number of wheels don't matter then this probably was the first ever internal combustion powered vehicle.

During the early 1800's there were several steam cars and buses built but it is believed that Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot, a Frenchman first built a steam-powered 3-wheeler in 1769 and then a four-wheeled version two years later. so he is generally credited with building the first "working self-propelled mechanical vehicle." Interestingly enough he is also credited with the first ever car accident when in 1771 he lost control of his "car" and ran into a wall.

Recently there have been some claims that Ferdinand Verbiest, while a missionary in China may have built a working steam-powered vehicle about a hundred years earlier than that in 1672 although it is believed that it may have been too small to carrier a driver.

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Some say that the first true automobile was gasoline-powered. And they also say that not one but two inventors: Karl Friedrich Benz and Gottlieb Daimler did. The two men, who had never met, filed their patents on the same day (January 29, 1886) in two different German cities.

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Q: Who invented the car?
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