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Who invented the cinema?

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Who invented cinema and when did they?

Louis Lumiere from France invented the cinema in 1895

When was cinema invented?

Cinema was invented in 1867 by William Lincoln. it was founded in the United states.

Invented the cinema?

William Morris invented the cinema but it was originally called the moving pictures in victorian times.

Was the cinema invented in Victorian time?

Yes, cinema was invented during the Victorian era and the first cinema parlor opened in 1891. The Victorian era was between 1837 and 1901.

Who invented cinema therapy?

dr soloman

Who invented cinema?

Cinema was invented by Louise Le Prince. He could not show this to the world because he mysteriously vanished from a moving train. Taking his engineering, Thomas Alva Edison recreated Cinema and showed to the whole world.

When was the wide-screen cinema invented?


Why was cinema invented?

some guy was bored and had nout to do

What year was the first cinema invented?

lareemae fiso

Who invented the 3d cinema?

Leanardo da vinci

When were the cinemas invented?

a type of cinema was invented in 1211 but the one we have nowadays were created in 1930

Why was the cinema invented?

so that people can watch movies, and so they can be happy:))

Who invented Cinema 3D?

Cinema 3D is the name LG gave to their 3D television system. It was developed for movie theaters more than two decades ago and LG have used the same technology. So, no one invented Cinema 3D, it's just a name for old technology.

Who invented the first cinema?

the salsa man and the ginger Pearson hah ginger

Why did John Logie Baird invent the telivsion?

He invented the television as an alternitive to cinema.

What country was Frankenstein set in?

Europe. Not in the odeon cinema. It wasn't evan invented back then!

Who were the parisian innovators who invented the cinema?

Abe Lincoln, Chuck Norris, and Bob Sagget

Who invented Widescreen?

Academy frame developed widescreen during the classical Hollywood cinema era

When did the first cinema invented?

kamatayan ! ako nga ngtatanung ako din sasagot ! PACk SHEET !

Who invented cinema and when?

The Frenchman Louis Lumiere is often credited as inventing the first motion picture camera in 1895.

What is 'cinema' when translated from English to Italian?

"Cinema" in English means cinema in Italian.

What are the differences between 19th and 20th century cinema?

Cine filming was only invented very late in the 19th cent, so you can't really talk about '19th cent' cinema, it was just a few people using the newly invented process. In the 20th cent, of course, we had everything form documentaries to blockbusters.

How does one invention lead to another?

Short time after photo cameras have been invented, people started thinking of making motion pictures - and invented cinema based on the same technological principle.

What actors and actresses appeared in Cinema Cinema - 1986?

The cast of Cinema Cinema - 1986 includes: Kalaichelvi Gandhimathi

What is the Romanian word for cinema?

The Romanian language equivalents of cinema are cinema, cimetograf.