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Who invented the cold pack?

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Should yu use hot or cold pack for a hernia?

Cold pack

Explain which type of reaction exothermic or endothermic would be required to make a cold and a cold pack or hot pack?

You would have to have an Eacthomatdid reaction of chemcal chance to change a cold pack to a hot pack.

Should cold pack or heat make a lump down?

A cold pack is to make lumps go down and a heat pack is for when your sick.

Who invented the first jet pack?

Kelvin Kamara and Clavin Kamara invented the first jet pack.

Example how a cold pack works?

Ammonium nitrate and water are in separate compartments in the cold pack. To activate the cold pack, you break the compartments in the pack so the ammonium nitrate and water mix. The ammonium nitrate absorbs all of the heat, making the water ice cold.

Who invented the first jet-pack?

Juan Lozano (Bob Jet pack)

What kind of burn should be treated with slow running cold water or cold-pack?

All burns should be treated with either cold running water or an ice pack. Water is preferable.

Can you be poisoned from a cold pack?

Yes. It is possible to be poisoned by an ice pack.

How cold does a cold pack get?

Just below freezing is ideal

Who makes a custom cold pack?

Nortech Laboratories Inc. Hot Cold Therapy Pack: Therma-Kool

When you activate an instant cold pack water mixes with a chemical and the pack gets very cold This is an example of?

its an endothermic reaction

How does breaking cold pack release cold?

the chemicals inside react to create the cold

Why was the jet pack invented?

For fun

How is energy transferred when an instant cold pack is put on a muscle injury?

Heat energy is transferred by conduction from the muscle to the cold pack.

What country was the jetpack invented in?

The jet pack was invented in New Zealand.

When do you throw away the cold pack?

when you are done with it or when it stops being cold.

Why does a cold pack get cold when the chemical reacts?

A cold pack creates a endothermic reaction when the chemical reacts, which means that energy is taken from the surrounding, which makes the packaging cold. it is the opposite with a heat pack, an exothermic reaction is created which releases the energy into the surrounding creating the heat. Hope this helped.

Cpt code for hot and cold pack?

Hot pack applied to two areas

Can you take Z pack with Tylenol cold?

z pack is an antibiotic LOL...of course you can

Does cold shower give you six pack?


Can you make a rocket with a instant cold pack?


When you activate an instant cold pack and water mixes with a chemical and the pack gets very cold what example is this?

It is an example of an endothermic reaction. It is absorbing heat.

Who invented cold packs?

Cold packs were invented 25 years ago by Cardinal Health.

Is urea dangerous in a cold pack?

In cold packs is usedAmmonium nitrate. It's dangerous because it can explode. But for this it must be absolutely dry.In a cold pack it is in a water solution. Nevertheless you shouldn't eat it or contact it a long time with your skin. In case of a damage of the cold pack you can just wash it away with water.

Who invented the cooler?

Richard C. Laramay Invented the portable ice pack (or cooler).