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Elwood P. Wood Invented the first compact disc player.

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Q: Who invented the compact disc player?
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What year was the compact disc player invented?


When did the compact disc get invented?

== == The compact disc was invented in the late 1960s by Jefferson Thomas Russell.

Did IBM create the compact disc?

no IBM didn't invented compact disc

When was Compact Disc player created?

Compact Disc player was created in 1982.

When was compact disc invented?


What is G35 Infinity CD error fo?

Compact disc player error codes identify a problem with the compact disc player. A list of error codes can be obtained from the compact disc player manufacture.

Who Invented The Compact Disc Burner Invented?

i burned a CD once

What date was the compact disc invented in?

It was created in 1983

Which technology was invented in 1972 by RCA?

Compact disc

When was created the first compact disc player?

The first compact disc player was created in 1982. The Sony CDP-101 was the first commercialized compact disc player on the market. At the same time, Sony released over fifty compact discs.

What company invented the first compact disc?

Philips, Sony

The first compact disc was invented who?

by James T. Russell

What is an another name for a CD player?

Compact Disc Player

Why are compact disc useful?

the compact disic player was use for to storge picture

What is the compact disc player?

A compact disc, first marketed in 1983, is a sound carrier that is played by a laser beam that reads the code in the disc. A compact disc player is a machine that spins the disc, shines a laser on it, and sends the resulting electrical signal to an amplifer, which sends it to speakers.

What gender invented the compact disc?

a transvestite, just kidding a male did

The compact disc was invented by sony Phillips true or false?


The first compact disc was first invented by Sony- Philips?


What are the advantages of a compact disc?

what are the advantages of compact disc

Why does your CD changer read no disc?

A compact disc player could read no disc because there is no disc in the player. It could also read no disc because the disc in not compatible or readable.

When was the compact disk player invented?

It Was Invented In 1982

What was a compact disc used for when it was invented?

It was used to store various types of media

What is the abbreviation for a compact disc?

CD stands for compact disc.

Why are compact disc invented?

to store more info on a small compact disk that is more portable than the computer. that is also y the flash-drive was invented

What happens to a compact disc player when it self-destructs?

It stops working.