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Who invented the computer laptops?


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laptops were invented because you couldn't bring a computer outside because of all the tangley cables. So they invented the laptop the cableless computer.

The laptop computer was invented by a man named Adam Osborne. Adam invented the laptop in 1981.

Laptops was invented in 19981992 china

IBM The IBM SCAMP project (Special Computer APL Machine Portable)

adam osborne invented the laptop to make a personal computer easily portable

No, but when they are invented it's gonna be awesome

To have a mobile computer.

No one found them. They were invented.

A laptop is a kind of computer, but there are other kinds of computer, too.

The MacBook was invented to replace the Powerbook and iBook line of laptops.

No. Laptops were not invented until the 20th Century. The Tudors lived in 16th Century Britain.

well, if it is a laptop, then either hp laptops or dell laptops. If it were a computer, then either dell or fujitsu or imacs.

Many computer manufacturers are offering customizable laptops with colored cases. The most popular brands for colored laptops include Dell, HP, Toshiba and Acer.

yes the computer invented

The computer was invented in 1940 by John wireless

It lights the LCD screen in laptops.

Computer tables for laptops range in style from ergonomic designs to mobile carts ... cart: Ergonomic adjustable computer carts are designed to hold laptops and

The typical age for computer buyers is Age 18-24 9.3% computers11.1% laptops25-34 16.6 computers18.5 laptops35-34 24.6 computers18.5 laptops45-54 25 computers 25.2 laptops 55-64 16.2 computers16.4 laptops65+ 8.3 computers6.8 laptops

he did not Charles Babbage invented the computer, an wang just invented a computer program

Funny enough my uncle is from Mexico and he has 3 laptops and one computer. So yeah they DO!

used their laptops or desktops.

who invented lg computer

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