Pyrotechnics and Fireworks

Who invented the fireworks?

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The Chinese

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When and where did fireworks get invented?

Fireworks were invented in Ancient China in the 12th century.

When was fireworks and gun powder invented?

Fireworks and Gun Powder was invented in the 9th century. it was invented by Li Tian.

How were fireworks invented and how?

it was invented by powder dust ..

Wher and when were the first fireworks invented?

The First Fireworks was Invented in mainland China During The Sung Dynasty

How long has fireworks been around?

a long time fireworks were invented by the ancient Chinese (When they invented gunpowder)

How were fireworks invented?


What year were fireworks invented?

Fireworks were made sometime in the years 800s

How were the fireworks invented?

the chines invented them with gun powder

Where was the first firework invented?

Fireworks were invented by the Chinese.

Where and where were the fireworks invented?

Firework was invented by ancient Chinese

When and where firework invented?

Fireworks were invented in 1947 and they were invented in New York.

What county invented fireworks?

China invented fireworks first, then the Europeans found out about the Chinese invention, and then it spread around the world.

What country first began with fireworks?

Fireworks were invented by the Chinese in the 12th century.

When did fireworks get invented?

They were invented by the Chinese a thousand years ago

What nation invented fireworks?

The Chinese.

Why was fireworks invented?

I did but i diedi did but i died

Who invented fireworks Chinese?


Where in china were fireworks invented?


Who first invented fireworks?

The Chinese

What country was fireworks invented?


Who was the original inventor and when was it invented fireworks?

Marco Polo discovered fireworks in China in around 1285.

What country invented fireworks?

ancient china

When were the first fireworks invented?

Around the 1990s.

What country first invented the fireworks?


Which country invented fireworks?

I believe the Chinese were the first to use gunpowder for many things, including fireworks.