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allah invented everything


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The wrist watch was invented by the Swiss watch maker, Patek Phillippe in the late 1800s

1868the wrist watch was first invented in the 1920's.

Patek Phillipe invented the wristwatch

Actually, a German fellow named, Peter Heinlein invented the first portable watch (pocket watch). Blaise Pascal just thought it would be more handy to tie a string around it, and tie it to his wrist. i have searched in many sites, and none say about the exact time he wore a wrist watch. i assume it was during a close time to when the pocket watch was created. even though he did not necessarily invented the wrist watch (he just improved an already made invention) he was the first person reported to wear a watch on his wrist.

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Wristwatches were developed by miniaturizing navigational chronometers.

The first wristwatch chronograph was invented in 1914 by Heuer. It was a pocket chronograph adapted to be worn on the wrist.

The first wrist watch (then called a wristlet) was made for women by Patek Philippe. It contained a small pocket watch movement and the case was attached to the wrist by a ribbon or cord. The first mens wrist watch is generally accepted to have been made on commission to the German Army by Girard-Perregaux shortly before the end of the 19th century. The first wrist watch to go on general sale to the public was the Cartier Santos (although not called that at the time) in 1906 a year after the one Louis Cartier made for an aviator friend of his, Alberto Santos-Dumont.

Ironically, time can slow a wrist watch.

A battery-operated wrist watch is a closed system. A wind-up wrist watch is an open system.

A wrist watch is non-perishable. Any deterioration or accident to the watch can be repaired.

Abraham-Louis Perrelet in 1770 is the common answer, making a pocketwatch that was self-winding. The first automatic wrist watches were invented by John Harwood in 1923.

It was 14-Bis, a plane made by a brazilian guy named Alberto Santos-Dumont. He also invented the wrist watch, and other stuff.

Titan wrist watch made by advanced technology and making for todays circumantance so Titan wrist watch is the best brand.

between late 1800s and early 1900s

Q: What is worn on your wrist?A: A watch

cos the wrist strap hadn't been invented yet. Wristwatches were not invented until World War I. A soldier did not have time to stop fighting and pull a pocket watch out to see what time it was.

Bulova invented the Accutron tuning fork watch movement. Noo winding, no ticking and unsurpassed accuracy, untill the Japanese invented the quartz movement.

Kennedy key is used in case of wrist watch.

The wrist watch stopped ticking because the battery ran out.

Wrist watch is an open compound word.

You will go in your nearest wrist watch authorized dealer and tell them to extend your wrist watch warranty period. They easily do it but they take some money for this.

john invented it for his mum so she would know how long it would take for her turn around.

The left wrist is the watch wrist for both men and women.

mcgregor hunt club wrist watch value

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