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Q: Who invented the first wireless internet?
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When was the first smart board invented?

i think it was invented in 2005 like a real one the was dat hve internet/wireless access i think it was invented in 2005 like a real one the was dat hve internet/wireless access i think it was invented in 2005 like a real one the was dat hve internet/wireless access

What was first wireless divise?

The first wireless device invented was the wireless telegraph in 1935 by Guglielmo Marconi.

What year was the wireless radio invented?

The first wireless radio was invented in 1896 by Guglielmo Marconie

Who invented the first wireless phone?

i did

When was wireless internet invented?

In 1991 Wi-Fi was invented by NCR Corporation in Nieuwegein, the Netherlands. Initially meant for cashier systems the first wireless products were brought on the market under the name WaveLAN with speeds of 1Mbps/2Mbps.

Can a telegraph be wireless?

Yes a telegraph can be wireless. Thomas Edison invented the first wireless telegraph

What were three major inventions invented in 1950?

The computer, cellphone, and wireless internet.

Who invented the first wireless keyboard?


When radio was first invented it was called the?


Who invent wireless devises?

Guglielmo Marconi invented the first wireless device, the wireless telegraph, in 1935.

Who invented the wireless keyboard?

Though I'm not sure who actually invented the wireless keyboard, one of the first wireless keyboards was part of IBM PCjr in 1983.

Who was the first wireless internet provider in the United States?

Find the best internet deals in your area with KonectEaze.

What year was the first smart watch invented?

what year was the wireless communication invented

When was the wireless printer invented?

Wireless printers were first invented in 1993 by Andrew Clams. It got really popular as the years went by .

Who invented the first wireless radio?

Nikola Tesla

What is the easiest way to connect your PS3 up to wireless internet?

First you need a wireless internet connection before you can connect the PS3 to wireless internet. You can not connect the PlayStation without already having internet service. If you have wireless internet service then you go to the PlayStation 3 settings to network connections. If you do not have a wireless internet, but have internet service you purchase a wireless Router and install it first before going to the PS3 setting for network connection. You can also connect a wired system running an ethernet cable from your router to the back of the PS3 and then going to the setting for network connection.

How do I switch my internet to a wireless plan?

Cancel your current Internet plan. If you have a wireless carier that offers nationwide wireless Internet service, sign up for wireless plan, which may require that you purchase a wireless networking card. If you do not have a wireless carrier, then you may have to sign up with one. You must first get a wireless router and install it on your computer. Then you need to log in and switch your internet to the router's setting.

Xbox Internet connection with wire Internet?

The first XBOX has a (Cat) LAN Connection and a wireless addon. The first XBOX 360 has a (Cat) LAN Connection and a wireless addon. The first XBOX SLIM has a (Cat) LAN Connection and built-in wireless.

if i get the wireless internet card, do i need the wireless internet provider?

what is a wireless card

How do I get wireless internet?

Wireless internet is easily acheivable. First of all there has to be a main scource of internet. If you have internet conection then you will need a wireless router. Once you hook up the router to the internet, you will be able to get internet in any room in your house and outside of your home until the signal connot be reached anymore.

Is your PS3 wireless?

All PS3 but the first 20 GB model are wireless. That means if you already have a wireless internet connection they can connect to it.

Important facts about Martin Cooper?

he invented the first wireless mobile cellular phone and the first person to use it in 1973. He also invented the first wireless police radios made for the Chicago police.

What year was Wireless keyboard invented?

The first commercially available wireless keyboard appeared in 1983, as part of the IBM PCjr. I'm not sure if they were the actual inventors of the wireless keyboard -- and their first attempt was not a success -- but they were certainly one of the earliest know producers of a wireless keyboard.

Who invented the first wireless microphone?

Emile Berliner in 1887

Where do you get wireless Internet?

Ok first you need to have a router or modem that has WIFI for internet that is wireless or you can go to some place that says free wifi hope i helped