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Who invented the glasses?

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Who invented tinted glasses?

who invented glasses

When were the plastic spectacle Glasses lenses invented?

= plastic spectacle Glasses lenses invented 1934 =

In which country first eye glasses were invented?

contact lenses were invented 13 years before the start of the 20th century. eye glasses were invented 602 years earlier than that. in which year were eye glasses invented?

Does Henry wear glasses?

No. Glasses where not invented in those days., and in all his pictures he has no glasses.

Where were glasses invented?

in china

Does Patrick Henry wear glasses?

No. Glasses where not invented in those days., and in all his pictures he has no glasses.

Who invented bioforcal glasses?

Benjamin Franklin invented the bifocals

What did peter henlien invented?

He invented clocks and watch-glasses

Which country invented glasses?


Is a glasses finder is invented yet?

it has, or has it?

How were glasses invented?

Glasses were invented by a series of processes,1, you would have a machine that made the lenses, since they were invented a long time ago, when they made them back then they were not very accurate nor did they work very good. when the first glasses were made they did not have "arms," but later on around the 1600 century they invented glasses with so called "arms" if you will.

Where were eye glasses invented?

Eyeglasses were invented in Italy around 1284.

In Medieval Times did they have glasses?

No. They hadn't been invented yet. ^ Wrong. They have invented glasses. It's call eyeglasses. Here's a website where i got that from:

Did Benjamin Franklin have glasses?

Yes. In fact, Benjamin Franklin invented the "bifocal" glasses.

When was First pair of eye glasses?

The first pair of eyeglasses were invented in 1285. But That was only when the first pair of farsighted glasses were invented. The first pair of nearsighted glasses were invented in about 1430. Only higher class people could afford them. -00-

Why were glasses invented?

for people with poor eyesight...

Who invented biofocal glasses?

Benjamin Franklin

When were 3D glasses invented?

The first use of 3D glasses was in 1922 for the movie "Power of Love".

What kind of glasses did Benjamin Franklin invent?

Benjamin Franklin invented the Bifocals(the first type of glasses).

Who invented the first pair of eye glasses?


Who first invented eye glasses?

benjemen franklen

Who invented wine glasses to make music?


Where wass reading glasses invented?

check wikipedia

Does Patrick Henry have glasses?

No he doesn't because in all his pictures he didn't have glasses and I don't think glasses where invented back in those early days.

Who invented 3-D glasses?

It was first invented by Sir Charles Wheatstone in 1838