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Well actually in 1956 your mom did:)

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What year was the hair drier invented?

The hair dryer was invented in 1920 by alexandre godefy[thnx4that]

What impact did the hair dryer have on society?

Drier hair

When was the Hills hoist invented?

The Hills Hoist clothes drier was invented in 1945.

How do you blow dry your hair the fastest?

With a blow drier.

How long does hair dry with the hair drier?

depends on hair type and power capacity of hair dryerand the length and thickness of the hair

What is a blowout for hair?

when you use a blow drier and a round brush to make your hair stright

Who made the first hair drier?

sir Jordan healy

Energy used in a hair drier?

can be up to 1.5 kw

How do you make long hair stay spiked up in a mohawk?

Knox gelatine and a hair drier.

Why can't you use a 1500 watt ac hair dyer on a cruise ship?

1500 watt is a BIG drier - you can use a normal drier.

When is convection and conduction and radiation used in the house?

stove or hair drier!!

Who invened the hair tie?

who invented the first hair tie? who invented the first hair tie? who invented the first hair tie?

When was hair ties invented?

when were hair ties invented?

Where was the hair brush invented?

the hair brush was invented in Africa ..

Who invented angel hair?

The Italians invented angel hair.

When was the hair dryer invented?

the hair dryer was invented by Alexandre in 1890 but the first had held hair dryer was invented 1971.

What can you find in your bath room that starts with the letter H?

Heated towel rail Hair drier Hair straightener Hand rail

Can a hair dryer trip a gfi receptacle?

Yes, it can.Our bathroom GFI trips, when my wife uses one particular hair drier.

Who invented hair dryers?

Alexandre Godefoy invented hair dryers

Who invented African American hair?

African-American hair was not invented.

Why was the comb invented?

It was invented for detangling hair, and just brushing your hair.

Who invented hair straightening?

Marcel Grateau invented the first Hair Straightener to straighten hair in 1872.

Who invented the hair curler?

Solomon Harper invented the Thermo Hair Curlers.

Who invented hair straighteners?

Marcel Grateau invented the hair straightener in 1872.

Who invented a hair band?

please i need to know who invented hair bands.

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