Who invented the handgun?

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We do not know his name. Firearms began appearing in the mid-1400s, both long guns and handguns, made by individual artisans and craftsmen. By the 1500s, there were established guilds of gunmakers- but we don't know who made the first one. It was probably in India, China, or an Arabic country.

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Q: Who invented the handgun?
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Why is Samuel colt important for the history?

he invented the first handgun

Who invented the M9 handgun?

It wasn't really "invented" per se, but rather designed. And it was by Beretta.

When was the first handgun invented?

We do not know the exact date, or place. "Hand cannons"- a crude form of a handgun, were first used in battle about 1260 AD.

Why was the handgun invented?

Very generally speaking, handguns were invented in order to have an easily portable means of defense against people with contact weapons (such as swords).

Can you carry a black powder handgun in Tn?

If you have a handgun carry permit, definitely. The handgun carry permit covers "any handgun that you legally own or posses."

Why can you get a shootgun at 18 but not a handgun?

why can you get a shootgun at 18 but not a handgun

Who invented the desert eagle 50?

The Desert Eagle .50 cal is a ridiculously large handgun that was developed by the gun company, Magnum Research.

Do you have to reister a handgun in Tennessee?

A regular handgun, no. There is no registration in TN.

1871 22 mag revolvers?

The .22 Magnum wasn't invented until the 1960's, so any "1871" handgun chambered for it is a reproduction.

Was the first handgun a revolver?

No, the first handguns were single shot pistols. A pistol with a revolving barrel was not invented until a couple of hundred years later.

Do you have to have a license to carry a concealed handgun in TX?

Yes, you must have a handgun carry permit to legally carry a handgun in Texas.

What year did the handgun law pass in Georgia?

Which handgun law? Georgia, as well as every other state, has hundreds of handgun laws.

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