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Albert Enstein did, when he went to Narnia. But sadly, it never got into the real world and that's why we don't have the jumprope. You never saw this.

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Is jumprope a compound word?

Is Jumprope a compound word?

Who are thump jumpers?

a jumprope team

What is the most jumps on a jumprope?


Is a jumprope comes in kilogram or gram?


How do you play a jumprope?

you jump over a rope

What is the Russian game Durak?

It's a jumprope game

What entertainment was available in the Delaware Colony?

Some entertainment was rounders, hopscotch and jumprope.

Is there an olympic jumprope team?

no there is not but in at least one country its a sport but not an olympic sport

Name a toy with the letter j?

Jack in the box, jumprope, jungle gym,...

What is the title of this picture with a square smiley face?

Four raisins playing jumprope

What is the most effective strategy to improve running stamina?

just run and jumprope

How do you play Chinese jumprope?

Chinese jumprope is where you get a rope and you tie it together to form a circle. The two people who are turning place the rope around their ankles and the jumper in the middle jumps over the two ropes back and forth.

How do you adjust a jumprope to your height?

The handles should be about six inches below the collar bones.

What was the entertainment in the New England colonies?

AnswerThey had hopscotch, jumprope, taverns, dancing, singing, etc.

What kind of games did the settlers in New Hampshire play?

Hopscotch, jumprope, dice, and cards.

What do adults in Chile do for fun?

They kite fly, play soccer, and they're children play jumprope.

Things starting with letter J?

join, jumprope, jump, jog, june, javelin, jogging, jolopenoes,

How do you get Nintendogs jumprope and where?

you can go for walks and go to the shop sometimes it will be at the shop, you can buy it there and let your dogs skip =)

How long is a 7 foot jumprope in feet?

A 7-foot jump rope is 7 feet long.

How do you get more hops in basketball?

Type your answer here... do lower body weightlifting and jumprope or the easier way is be black

What game is similar to double Dutch?

bumble bee, or some people call it cat and mouse.

Should you jumprope for 30 minutes?

Jumping rope is an excellent form of cardiovascular training. The longer you do it for, the more beneficial it is.

Would you measures the length of a jump rope in inches or feet?

Inches would be better, because some people have very specific preferences as to the length of the jumprope. They may really prefer a 55" jumprope over a 60" rope, but you would label these both as 5 foot ropes.

How many calories would you burn cycleing 4 miles?

depends on how fast and hard u cycle. the harder you work, the more u will c results. you can get results from doing hardcore jumprope, believe me i won the olympic jumprope competition 3 years in a row before they kicked me out for doing cocaine.

What are the instructions for the Chinese Jump Rope?

There are many ways to play Chinese Jump Rope, but this is the way I know how: Stretch the jump rope between to chairs to make it a rectangle. Use this pattern: In, Out, Left, Right, On. Start by straddling the jumprope. On in, jump inside so both feet are inside the jumprope. On out, straddle the jumprope like you started. On left, jump with both feet out of the rope on the left side On right, jump with both feet out of the rope on the right side On on, jump on the two longs sides of the rope. HAVE FUN! by Missyboo

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