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The hot roll laminating machine was invented by Donald F. Hannon, who held several patents for this and other laminating products. He was from Cleveland, Ohio.

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Q: Who invented the laminating machine?
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Laminating Machine?

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What are dangerous laminating machine?

a laminating machine is safe as long as you dont stick your hands in the roller

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a laminating machine?

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of a cold laminating machine versus a hot laminating machine: 1. The cold lamination machine can do the job at a decent speed as the set up time is faster. There is no need to wait for the machine to warm up as compared to hot laminating machine. 2. The machine is easier to operate, and this is more convenient for inexperienced people. 3. In terms of safety, cold lamination machine is better as there is absolutely no chance of anyone getting burned by high-temperature lamination. 4. The machine requires lower maintenance as compared to hot laminating machine. This is because the hot laminating machine needs to be cleaned frequently to ensure good results. 5. The lamination final result is better as there is no incidence of bubbles, curling or waves in the laminated product, which happens when using a hot laminating machine.

What is a laminating machine?

A laminating machine is a machine that provide a protective covering for a document. A document can consist of one or more pages. A laminating machine help keep your document looking good and help prevent pages from getting wringled or damaged in some other way. Rate This Answer

What exactly is a laminating machine?

A laminating machine is a machine that provide a protective covering for a document. A document can consist of one or more pages. A laminating machine help keep your document looking good and help prevent pages from getting wringled or damaged in some other way.

Are there any good places to find a laminating machine?

One can purchase laminating machine in both local personal store and online stores such as the following; Hebei Xinguang Cartoon Machinery Manufacture Co, LTD, Laminating machine store, OfficeMax and Staples.

How to get the best quality Tissue laminating machine?

If you are looking for the best quality Tissue Laminating Machine then choose online portals. Check and select the best quality online portal where you will find different types of laminating machines. check and select the best type of lamination machine now!

How to Operate a Laminating Machine?

Laminating machines are often seen in schools and offices. Oftentimes, people are intimidated and do not dare to use it. Generally, a laminating machine will coat a plastic film to cardboards or pieces of paper, in order to make them last longer and prevent tearing. If you have seen a laminating machine and need to operate it, do not fear, because it is not that difficult to use. To give you an idea, here are some tips for operating a laminating machine. • Switch the laminating machine on. Usually, the switch is located at the back portion of the machine. Once on, you have to wait for a few minutes, depending on your machine’s model, for the machine to heat up. Typically, laminating machines require a minimum of 10 minutes to warm up. If you want to know if your machine is ready, simply check the indicator light. • Choose the speed of the laminating machine. Laminating machines differ in their speed. Usually, the speeds would be from one to 10, with one being the slowest. For thick items that need to be laminated, you have to choose slower speeds, while thinner items can be laminated much more quickly. • Insert the items that you want to be laminated into the laminating machine. You need to slide the items up until they touch the edges of the plastic laminating film. Ensure that the items are not overlapping or too wide for the machine to laminate. • Press the button to start laminating. Once you have pressed the run button, the items will move and the lamination process will begin. In case you want to add additional items, a stop button can be pressed any time. Laminating items is very simple with a laminating machine. You do not need to have technical skills to be able to operate one. In case you want to change the film in the laminating machine, be sure to change it when the rollers are cold in order to prevent any accidents.

what is a canon laminating machine that only uses oph paper nd what is oph It used to be used with the old copy machines and a metal laminate but is it any good now?

I think your best bet is just to get a new laminating machine. Check Office Depot. If you really need something laminated, but your laminating machine isn't working, just take it to Kinko's. Laminating is very inexpensive.

When did Donald F Hannon invent the laminating machine?


What does a laminating machine do?

A laminating machine is used to laminate or protect documents, id cards or any other important documentation. The laminate seals the two sides together and protects the paper.

Where is the cheapest place consumers can purchase a laminating machine?

There are options to purchase a laminating machine from standard office stores like Staples and Office Depot. But there is actually a company that specializes in cheap laminating machines and accessories. It is called Discount Laminators and can be found via the internet.