Who invented the logarithms?

Updated: 12/14/2022
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John Napier in 1614

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Q: Who invented the logarithms?
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What are the practical applications of logarithms in the field of engineering science business and economics?

Logarithms were originally used to convert multiplications into additions and divisions into subtractions (plus some looking up in tables).To multiply 3456 by 6789Look up in table: log(3456) = 3.5386Look up in table: log(6789) = 3.8318add them together = 7.3704Look up in table: antilog(7.3704) = 107.3704 = 23460000So the only calculation is a simple addition at step 3.Logarithms were often used for approximate calculations (4 significant figures), but there were tables for more accurate work.Nowadays, though, it is easier to use calculators for multiplication and division.There is a whole class of problems where the solution involves logarithms. If the rate of change in a variable X is directly proportional to the quantity X, then the solution involves logarithms (or its inverse, exponents). Typical textbook examples include radioactive decay, simple chemical reactions, bacterial {or any uncontrolled] growth, compound interest.

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What type of signal does a potentiometer produce?

A: Potentiometer does not produce any signal it is merely a variable resistor whereby any signal impressed on it can be variably taken out of the wiper as a linear function or logarithms function depending on the requirement of the design

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Why were logarithms invented?

Logarithms were invented by John Napier who was a mathematician. He invented other things too, so there was no reason why he couldn't invent the logarithms. Logarithms were invented so people could take short cuts to multiplications! :)

Who was it invented?


Who was the person who invented logarithms?

john napier

What year was natural logarithms invented?


How old was John Napier when he invented logarithms?

35 years

What year John Napier invented logarithms?

He published his work in 1614.

How do exponents help in math?

Exponents can simplify very ugly math problems and their relation to logarithms makes them invaluable. FYI logarithms were invented before exponents.

Who invented logarithms that enabled humans to do long mathematical calculations quickly?

John Napier of Edinburgh

What year did john napier invented the napier's bone?

in 1614 john Napier invented logarithms and a device called NAPIER,s bones

When did john Napier invented logarithms to help reduce errors when performing calculations?

John Napier discussed logarithms in 1614 in his book titled Mirifici Logarithmorum Canonis Descriptio. He probably discovered it some time before 1614.The use of logarithms did not reduce errors when performing calculations. The use of logarithms made calculations faster possibly at the loss of some precision.

The base of common logarithms?

The base of common logarithms is ten.

What are the misconception in logarithm topic in mathematics?

The main misconception is that logarithms are hard to understand.The main misconception is that logarithms are hard to understand.The main misconception is that logarithms are hard to understand.The main misconception is that logarithms are hard to understand.