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Who invented the paint brush?

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The etymology of the word "brush" is Proto-Indo-European. Those folks aren't telling who invented it.

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What year was the paint brush invented?

the paint brush was invented in the late 17th century

When was the first paint brush invented?


When was paint brush invented?

i think it was a wednesday by professor

Who invented the paint brush in the 17th century?

the person that invented the paintbrush, of course!

What person invented the paint brush?

Alexander v paintlan

What is paint brush?

Paint brush is a brush that u use for painting art

What kind of simple machine is a paint brush?

A paint brush is a wedge and a wheel and axle is the roller paint brush.

When was the air paint brush made?

there is no air paint brush

What do you paint on with a brush?

If you have a paint brush for Neopets, go to the rainbow pool, and paint your pet.

How do you remove spray paint from a paint brush?

I place the brush in a can with some of the relevant thinner for that paint.

What class of lever is a paint brush?

A paint brush is a 3rd class lever.

What is a paint tool?

paint brush

What supplies should i use when you paint?

paint, a paint brush, paint brush bucket, and plastic paper for the floors so paint won't drip on it.

How do you make silver foil painting?

Get some paint brush, a paint and a silver foil first ... Second, dip the paint brush to paint and brush it to the foil ! and i think that's how you do it ! :) wew ..

How do you get a spirit paint brush on Neopets?

There is no spirit paint brush on neopets. You might be thinking of a different brush like the ghost paint brush. For the full list of paint brushes go here:

What is a bristle of a brush?

the tips of the brush that you paint with

What type of paint brush is best for texture paint?

the texture paint brush you can buy it at most stores if you know where to look

How do you paint a basketball?

by using paint brush

How to clean paint brush after using sikkens woodstain?

Use Sikkens paint brush cleaner!

How much does a paint brush weigh in grams?

It depends on your personality.

Where was the hair brush invented?

the hair brush was invented in Africa ..

Can you use an oil paint brush for latex paint?

The water in the latex paint will soften the bristles of a brush intended for oil paint, so it is not a good idea.

How do you paint a wooden door?

Well you get your brush you dip it in the paint and then you stroke up and down with the brush on the door!

How did Pablo Picasso paint?

With a Paint Brush and Paint. Using his arms.

Can you paint a toadstool?

yes you just need paint and a paint brush.