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Xeroxgraphy, the photocopy process that was commercially introduced by Xerox/Haliod in the late 1950s was invented by Chester Carlson in 1938.

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When were photocopier invented?

The photocopier was invented in the year 1959. Xerox was the company that released the first photocopier. Chester Carlson was the inventor of the machine.

Which company made photocopier 1st in world?


What company made first photocopier machine?


What company made the first photocopier machine?


When was the first laser printer invented?

The laser printer was invented in 1969 by Xerox researcher Gary Starkweather by modifying a standard Xerox photocopier. The original prototype currently resides in the collection of the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA.

What is a xerographic module?

It is the photocopier drum usually relating to Xerox machines.

Who invented The Xerox machine and lamination machine?

A Xerox Machine is any machine marketed by the Xerox Corporation. Many different machines have been marketed by Xerox Corporation, and were invented by different people at different times. Some people incorrectly say "xerox machine" when they want to say "photocopier" or something similar. The process used in most modern photocopiers is called xerography and was invented by Chester Carlson. Machines using that process were developed (not invented) by a team of engineers working for the Haloid Company, later called the Xerox Corporation.

Who invented the photocopier?

Chester Carlson developed the xerography process and invented the first photocopier.

What verbs begin with X?

Two verbs that begin with X are to x-ray and to xerox.Note that "xerox" is a verb created from the name of the company that developed the office photocopier.

Where can one get a photocopier lease?

The website Copy Machine World provides a form where one can get quotes from five local photocopier companies. From there one can choose the best deal. Some of the photocopier companies represented are Canon, Toshiba, Xerox, and Sharp.

Which country invented the first photocopier?


Why photocopier is not called Xerox machine?

"Xerox" is a registered trademark of the Xerox Corporation, so the phrase "Xerox machine" literlally means any machine that has been trade marked and sold by or for the Xerox Corporation. The word "photocopier" is a term meaning any device that uses light to make a copy, and usually means a machine that uses dry ink, plain paper, and provides its copies quickly after the subject it exposed. Since Xerox Corporation sells many machines that do not make copies, and many companies, other than Xerox Corporation, make and sell machines that make photocopies, the two terms can not be used interchangably.

What is a relative of Xerox?

Xerox is a company (that invented the xerox copier). Companies are not living creatures and therefore they do not have relatives.

What date was the Xerox Alto invented?

It was invented in 1973

Why was the photocopier invented?

It was invented so it was easier to copy photos. It was also cheaper.

Where can one lease a photocopier?

Leasing a photocopier costs business between $100 and $250 per month. Many companies offer copy machine leasing, including Canon, Xerox, HP, Savin, and Toshiba.

What was the photocopier invented for?

To make copies of documents and pictures.

What is the relationship between Xerox PARC and the Ethernet?

The relationship between Xerox PARC and Ethernet is that the Ethernet was invented at Xerox PARC.

Is First photocopy machine invented in Brazil or not?

brazil invented the first photocopier machine

How do you make homemade black toner powder for a Xerox photocopier?

The process of making black toner for a Xerox photocopier is very exacting, even for the older machines. If you could get all the ingredients, some of which are not easy to find, and you tried to make it at home what you made would probably not work in the machine because of the need to precisely control the size of the toner particles.

Who invented the computer pointing device?


Who invented client server?

Xerox, 1970

When was Xerox invented?

Xerox is the name of a company and was not invented. The company was formed in 1906 as the Haloid company and became Xerox Corporation in 1958. The process of plain paper copying that was brought to market by the Xerox Corporation is called xerography and was invented by Chester Carlson. He first successfully demonstrated the process in 1938, after many years of experimentation.

What did people use to photocopy things before the photocopier was invented?

by hand

Did Xerox have greater profits in sales or leases in the early years?

When Xerox Corporation first offered a xerographic photocopier, the machine was too expensive for most businesses, so a leasing plan was developed. As a result, in the early years of copier machine manufacturing, Xerox had greater profits from leases than from sales.