Who invented the photograph?


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Joseph Niepce (nee-yeps), a Frenchman, made the first permanent photographic image, which he called a "heliograph" (sun writing), onto a pewter plate in 1826. The negative image was inked and transferred to paper as a positive. Another Frenchman, Louis Daguerre (dah-gehr), partnered with Niepce from 1829 until Niepce's death in 1833. Also using a metal plate, but an entirely different process, including light-sensitive silver iodide and Mercury fumes, Daguerre produced an extremely finely detailed "Daguerreotype" in 1837. In 1839, Englishman William Henry Fox Talbot used sensitized paper to create a negative image from which he produced any number of positives. He called his invention "photogenic drawing" which was the first negative/positive process. Sir John Herschel improved upon Talbot's process with his discovery of sodium thiosulfate as an image fixative, and he created some of the terminology still used today, including the words "photograph" and "Photography."


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William Henry Fox-Talbot invented light sensitive photographic paper in 1839.However, this must not be mixed up with when the first photograph was taken, in 1838.

1839, although temporary photographs that disappeared after a time were able to be produced prior to that (ca. 1820's)

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