Who invented the post it notes?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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The Post-it note, invented by Arthur Fry and Dr. Spencer Silver and manufactured In the 1970s.lthough now available in a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes, Post-it notes are most commonly a 3-inch (76 mm) square.

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Arthur Fry

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Q: Who invented the post it notes?
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What year was post-It Notes was invented in?


Where were post it notes invented?

boise idaho in his lab

What year were post it notes was invented?

They were invited in 1968..

When was post it notes invented?

Arthur Fry first launched the post-it note in 1977 but it failed. Then, a year later, he began giving out free samples in Idaho and 90% of people said they would buy the product. By 1980 they were being sold nationwide across America and in 1981 they were launched in Canada and Europe.

Who came up with post it notes?

Art Fry invented Post-It notes using the adhesive designed by Spencer Silver. They were both workers of 3M.

When did arthur fry invent the post-it notes?

he invented the post- it note in 1974. by 1980 the product was introduced to the world. he invented the notes because his paper book marks repitively fell out. sooooo...he created them:))

What two people invented Post-it Notes?

The post-it note was invented by the two American scientists Arthur Fry and Spencer Silver in 1974.

What year was post it notes invented?

In 1968 the glue was invented (accidentally) and putting it with the paper was in 1974

What did Spencer Silver invent?

Silver invented Post-It Notes. He was trained as a chemist.

When did Spencer Silver invent Post-It notes?

Spencer Silver invented the adhesive used in Post-it notes in 1968 while working for 3M. Arthur Fry later developed the idea of using the adhesive for sticky notes in 1974, leading to the official launch of Post-it notes in 1980.

What was invented by 3m's art fry?

Post-it Notes®Search Result®

What handy office supply was invented by Arthur Fry and Dr Spencer?