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Mlefiori Milano in Italy in early 90's

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Q: Who invented the reed diffuser?
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What is the best reed diffuser to buy?

In my opinion, the best brand of reed diffuser is the Home Lights reed diffuser. Home Lights reed diffuser are designed and produced with love and passion. They only select world famous essence provider to make high quality fragrance. All the scents them carefully selected and mixed are full of peaceful, joyful and romantic feelings.

How to use reed diffuser?

Just insert the reed sticks inside the diffuser bottle. Fragrance oil is gently diffused through natural sticks. For a faster, stronger fragrance diffusion add all of the reeds to your diffuser. For a lighter fragrance and longer diffusion time, add less reeds at one time. Home Lights Reed diffuser has a lovely scent, natural and long-lasting.

What is a reed diffuser How does it work?

Reed diffuser is mainly through water absorption, oil absorption and volatile plants or objects, such as rattan, reed and so on. Such the essential oil onto a vine or reed and release it into the air. The intensity of aroma is adjusted through increase or decrease rattan, more fragrant, less quietly elegant, rattan number is more, the speed of volatilization also can be faster. Home Lights Reed diffuser is a great sent we usually use for home.

Where is the best place to find the reed diffuser oil recipe?

You could find the best reed diffuser from Home Lights candle official site or Amazon store. You can be accompanied by Home Lights reed diffuser in the following occasions. Bath time: help with relaxing atmosphere Coffee time: enjoy cozy moment Yoga time: help to stretch and increase strength Sleeping time: induce more restful sleep And any other moment that you need to be relaxed and enjoy yourself.

Are reed diffuser safe for children?

A lot of people use reed diffusers as home scents now. It helps us make our room smell good and is very easy to use. Furthermore diffusers have a long-lasting scent too.Diffusers are safe for children, but I suggest you not use it if your children have allergic skin disease or respiratory diseases. Home Lights reed diffuser is the one I use now.

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