Who invented the store Rue21?

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What are Rue 21 store hours?

It depends on where the nearest Rue21 store is to you. Go on and look at the store locator. It should give you more information there.

What is the salary for a Rue21 assistant store manager?

Average $8.00 - $12.00 an hour

Where can you find cheap and chic bracelet?

A store I love would be ~ Rue21 They always have a sale going on an if not then they have good prices sometimes they go on sale for $2 for a cute bracelet. Just look up on their website and look up store locator they might be near you! Good luck

How old do you have to be to work at rue21 in Texas?


How long has rue21 been around?

Since 1906

How much do you get paid working for rue21?

About 12$ an hour

Why is rue21 called rue21?

Rue is the french work for street or avenue. And 21 is the age that everyone wants to be or remembers the most. That is what I was told when I become a sales associate in 2009.

Best preteen clothing store for girls?

Most teenage girls shop at Hollister, Rue21, Abercrombie, American Eagle, Bui-Yah-Kah, PacSun. It just all depends.

Why was a hard drive invented?

it was invented to store data

Does rue21 take American Express gift cards?


What the person name who founded Rue21?

King Authur the 5th.

Is rue21 open on Sunday's?

yes they are open every day

When and who invented store?


Why were pyramids invented?

Pyramids were invented for pharoas to store there bodies

Who invented the rocker recliner?

Invented by the Comfortable Chair Store

Where did the word pepsi get invented?

in a store

When was the first store invented?


When was the app store invented?


Why invented the hardware?

hard drive is invented to store a maximum data in our computer today v can store at least mare than 750gb data in our computer thats why hard drive r invented

What sizes do rue21 bras come in?

rue 21 bras range from 32 A to 36 D

What is a good perfume to wear to middle school?

Any of the Rue21 perfumes or Loves Baby Soft.

How long have rue21 been in business?

i really don't know the answer, but you can look it up on a site!!XD

Store that starts with r?

Rack Room Shoes, Radio Shack, Reeds Jewelers, Relax the Back, Restoration Hardware, Rhodes Furniture, Rite Aid, Rooms To Go, Ross Stores and Rue21 are stores that begin with the letter R.

What did Hermann Hollerith invented?

Hermann Hollerith invented a "mechanical tabulator" that uses punched cards to store data.

What stores begin with the letter R?

Rhodes Furniture and Rite Aid are stores. Radio Shack and Rue21 are stores.

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