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Who invented the tanks in the world wars?

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Tanks were a naval invention, created by the British Admiralty. They were called LANDSHIPs when first introduced.

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Did ww1 and World War 2 have tanks?

Yes, both world wars used tanks.

When were the first tanks invented?

During the First World War.

Did the Civil War have tanks?

More recent civil wars had them, but the American Civil War did not have tanks. Tanks were invented by the British during WW1. "Tank" was the code name for the development project and the name stuck to the final product.

Who invented army tanks?

AnswerThe September 15, 1916. It was at this time that the British introduced tanks to battle in World War 1.

Why were air tanks invented?

Air tanks were invented to hold compressed air.

What year was tanks invented?

The first functional battle tanks were invented in 1915

What technology emerged in World War 1?

They invented primitive light tanks. They also invented the first machine gun.

How did tanks effect war?

Tanks helped signifantly in wars, due to the protection and fire power capability they had. Without tanks, some of the great wars may have ended very differently.

When were fish tanks discovered?

Fish tanks were not 'discovered' they were invented.

Who invented the war tanks?


Was Vietnam and World War 2 Wars trench warfare?

no. WWII used tanks and the air force to battle

When were water tanks invented?


Where can one find more information about Lego Star Wars Turbo Tanks?

You can find information about Lego Star Wars Turbo Tanks on the Lego website. You can also get information from forums for Lego or Star Wars enthusiasts.

Why was the battleships invented?

Who invented the war machines, tanks, battleships, and crossbow?

What kinds of weapons were used that made a difference in World Wars 1 and 2?

in ww1 tanks and planes came out and ww2 had the nuke

What items were invented during World War 1?

The items invented in World War one consists of machine guns, tanks, poison gas, and unterseeboots also known as U-boats.

When were army tanks invented?

The British invented tanks in WWI; to breach the trenches. ========== Early drawings for a tank appear in the notebooks of Leonardo DaVinci.

What country invented the first tank?

Tanks were first developed and used in combat by the British during World War I

What is the significance of the elephants in the Punic Wars?

They were the equivalent of today's tanks.

How meany different tanks are in the world?

There are hundreds of different tanks in the world.

Who invented pocket tanks?

Ms. Askew

What things were invented in 1910?

Army Tanks

Who invented the Star Wars empire?

George Lucas directed and invented star wars.

When were breathing tanks invented?

1911-The oxegen breather was invented. By:Dreager of German.

Where were tanks used?

In the major wars of WW1, WW2, Korea and Vietnam. Smaller short term wars such as the 6 day October '67 war, Yom Kipper War, and India-Pakistani Wars also used tanks which were purchased from other nations; as they didn't build their own tanks during those times.