Teddy Bears

Who invented the teddy bear?

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2010-07-23 23:05:39

OK, here is the real and absolute answer. Theodore Roosevelt did

not INVENT the Teddy Bear Morris Midton did. Roosevelt inspired to

make the Teddy Bear. In fact, his very own nickname was "Teddy"

because back when he was president, he went hunting one day (I

think he was on a horse using a rifle) and saw a bear. Then, he

aimed his fully loaded rifle (if he was using a rifle that was

fully loaded) directly at the bear. He (might) thought that if I am

living, why shale he not live. So, he rested his rifle (if he had

one) down and let the bear go and be free and to also live the rest

of its wonderful life. So then he returned home to the white hose

and his new nickname became "Teddy" in Honor of his respect toward

the bear and also the bear it self. So, a few years later, Teddy

bears, Gummy Bears, and other products were sent out across and all

around the globe for us to remember and Honor this very True story

and most importantly to know the message of this true story which

is to trust and giveback too others including the things around and

mean allot to you that are living or nonliving.

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