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The scientists that were responsible for this invention was John Bardeen, Walter Brattain, and William Shockley. Bardeen, with a Ph.D. in mathematics and physics from Princeton University, was a specialist in the electron conducting properties of semiconductors.

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When was the Transistor radio invented?


When was the first transistor radio invented?


Where was the first transistor radio invented?

It was first invented at Bell Labratories

When was the handheld transistor radio invented?

The transitor radio was invented in 1958 by Matsushita electronics. The transitor radio was invented in 1958 by Matsushita electronics.

When was the-transistor radio invented?

it came in the 1950's

How has the first transistor radio been improved since it was invented?

IC chip

When was Magic Transistor Radio created?

Magic Transistor Radio was created in 1973.

What song includes the words transistor radio in it?

Here are some songs with transistor radio in the title and there are probably many more: Transistor Sister by Freddy Cannon Twisted Transistor by Korn Transistor Radio ... three songs by Cloud Cult, Jaya the Cat, and The Methadones Tiny Blue Transistor Radio by Connie Smith

When was first transistor radio sold?

the first transistor radio came out in 1955 by the company sony

When was Transistor Radio - song - created?

Transistor Radio - song - was created in 1961.

What contains a transistor?


How do you use 'transistor' in a sentence?

I can give you several sentences.I bought a transistor radio.The transistor amplified the signal.We studied the transistor in science class.

When the transistor was invented?


How do you make a two transistor radio?

You get two transistors and put them in a radio.

What came after the transistor radio?

the eye phone

Who popularized the transistor?

The general public. They wanted portable transistor radios, to listen to the radio anywhere.

Where was the transistor invented?

Bell Labs.

What has the author Norm Dye written?

Norm Dye has written: 'Radio frequency transistors' -- subject(s): Power transistors, Radio frequency Amplifiers, Transistor amplifiers, Transistor radio transmitters

What was the first portable music player?

transistor radio

When was the transistor radio introduced to Australia?

way back then

Is a transistor radio a poor conductor?

These components are semiconductors.

What did the transitor radio replace?

Before the invention of the semiconductor transistor radios used thermionic valves (or tubes if you are in the US) to provide the amplification circuitry. The transistor radio therefore replaced the valve (or tube) radio.

Who invented the transistor raido?

I dont know

Who invented the first junction transistor?


How many types of radios are there?

3 types 1 foxhole radio 2 crystal radio 3 transistor radio