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A person called .....

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Q: Who invented the whiteboard?
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When was the electronic whiteboard invented?

when they decided to invented the interactive whiteboard

When was the interactive whiteboard invented?


When was the whiteboard invented?

The first whiteboard was invented in 1950 by Martin Heit. He came up with the idea while working with film negatives.

What year was the interactive whiteboard invented?


Why was the whiteboard invented?

== == Teachers who were allergic to calcium sulphate or chalk.

When were whiteboard pens first produced?

Whiteboard pens were first introduced in 1975. They were invented by Jerry Woolf from Techform Laboratories. This was later patented by Pilot Pen in 1975.

Who invented the interactive whiteboard?

the electronic whiteboards were invented by Geaghan Bernard, Atwood Stephen, and Sprague James.Read more: Who_invented_electronic_whiteboards

What are the problem of whiteboard?

The corners of the whiteboard are sharp. The whiteboard cannot stand up. Some whiteboard's surface are rough. The whiteboard's surface is not smooth. The whiteboard had less space to write.

What is the possessive noun of whiteboard?

The possessive form of the noun whiteboard is whiteboard's.

How is the whiteboard and chalkboard the same?

well a whiteboard u can use markers and a chalkboard you have to use chalk which does not erase. but they have invented some cool stuff for whiteboards. like at my school, we have a thing called a smart board by Mimio and what it does is u can put it on ur whiteboard. and then when set it up u can use ur computer from the whiteboard its pretty cool!

What is the correct spelling for whiteboard?

Whiteboard is the correct spelling.

How do you draw on the whiteboard on Club Penguin?

I am sorry but you cannot draw on the whiteboard because... there is no whiteboard on club penguin derrr.........

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