Who invented toasted sandwich makers?


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John O' Brien was the first man who invented the sandwich maker in 1970's.

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okay don't laugh but Fredrick B. Oner

I think it's a toasted cheese sandwich - Breville is a brand of toasted sandwich maker

A toastie or toasted sandwich.

because toasted sandwiches have heat and that heat is hot enough to melt the chesse

Try a hot open faced turkey or roast beef sandwich, or a meatball with marinara sandwich, or any toasted sandwich from subway !

un croque monsieur - a toasted sandwich

Their are many popular sandwich fillings. Some of the best one are hot chip butty, steak sandwich, rosemary lamb sandwich, club sandwich, BLT sandwich,toasted chicken and mushroom sandwich.

It is a sandwich with toasted bread, sliced poultry (turkey or chicken), bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise.

True or False. A club sandwich used three slices of toasted bread and two layers of different fillings.

It was I believe the Earl of Sandwich who invented the sandwich.

It was Answer 2) invented by the Earl of Sandwich in england

No, unless your idea of cooking involves injecting hydrogenated products into the sandwich.

There are heating elements in each face of the sandwich toaster so that it is toasted evenly on both sides.

I think that a toasted ham and cheese sandwich tops the list!it is an amazing sensation of ham and creamy cheese that tastes absolutely exquisite!

A cold sandwich is not toasted or warmed. Submarine sandwiches can be served cold. Sandwiches carried to work or school are usually cold sandwiches.

Well my favorite toasted sandwich is this: Roast beef, pastrami, nubster cheese, lettuce, and mayonaisse on toasted Italian bread.

put in your mouth close and chew You may eat it cold or toasted.

In a pop up toaster where the bread touches the coil it is by conduction

Tramazzini. A sandwich, A toasted pitta bread sandwich. Commonly used as a title on menus. these days you will be more likely to see it on south African menus,

The chicken sandwich at Chik-fil-a was invented by and Katie Gatzke in the 20th century.

flour, salt, oil and a baking stove

They were invented by the Earl of Sandwich when he wanted an easy portable meal to take with him when he went fishing/hunting

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