Who is Arnold in lawn boy?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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Q: Who is Arnold in lawn boy?
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What is Arnold's last name in the book lawn boy?

Arnold's last name in the book "Lawn Boy" by Gary Paulsen is Anderson.

In chapter 7 of lawn boy by Gary Paulsen why did lawn boy go to Arnolds house?

Lawn Boy goes to Arnold's house in chapter 7 of "Lawn Boy" by Gary Paulsen because he wants to learn more about investing in the stock market. Arnold offers to teach him about investing and helps him understand how to make smart financial decisions.

Does the main character from Lawn Boy have a name?

im sorry for that answer but ill get back to you on that.....

What are the characters names in lawn boy?

He doednt have a name yes, actually he did in the back of the book it was duane

What does lawn boy see when he rushes to Arnold's house chapter 11-15?

The sees Rock and his gang holding Arnold hostage. He runs back to his house to get his parents.

What is the genre for lawn boy by Gary paulsen?

The genre of "Lawn Boy" by Gary Paulsen is a children's novel. It tells the story of a young boy who starts a lawn-mowing business and learns about entrepreneurship and the stock market.

What event occurs in the middle of the summer in lawn boy returns'?

On the middle of the summer the Lawn Boy Inherited grandfather´s old lawn mower and came up with a wild plan of making $7,500 over 12 weeks of summer. Half a summer after working really hard the Lawn Boy know Arnold, a customer who also is a genius stockbroker.

Who is the main character in lawn boy the book?

lawn boy duhhh

Lawn Boy Parts?

form_title= Lawn Boy Parts form_header= Keep your lawn beautiful with help from Lawn Boy. What parts do you need replaced?*= _ [50] How old is your Lawn Boy mower?*= _ [50] Is the mower still covered under warranty?*= () Yes () No

When was Lawn Boy created?

Lawn Boy was created on 1990-09-21.

What are the minor characters and lawn boy by Gary Paulsen?

In "Lawn Boy" by Gary Paulsen, some minor characters include the main character's grandmother, his best friend, Arnold, his mother, and the various customers he interacts with while working on their lawns. These characters help shape the main character's experiences and the overall story.

Why was lawn boy the villain in the story lawn boy?

In the story "Lawn Boy" by Gary Paulsen, the character known as "Lawn Boy" is not the villain. He is a young boy who starts a lawn-mowing business and experiences success and challenges along the way. The story focuses on his entrepreneurial journey rather than portraying him as a villain.