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Her sister is younger than her. Her name is Jamie Lynne Spears. Britney also has a brother, Bryan.

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What is Jamie Lynn Spears?

Jamie Lynn Spears is pop singer Brittney Spears' younger sister.

What is Brittney spears sister called?

Her sister's real name is Jamie Lynn Spears!

Who plays Lisa on zoey 101?

Jamie Lynn Spears- Brittney Spears' sister. I think....

Who looks like Brittney spears?

Brittney spears looks like a kaylee knight find me and facebook or myspace and add me the pics are my sister and brother and grandma

Did Brittney spears play zoey from zoey 101?

No, that was brittneys sister

Is Jamie Lynn Spears realted to Brittney spears?

Jamie Lynn and Brittney Spears are sisters, Brittney is older than Jamie Lynn.

Who was played on the show zoey 101?

The person who plays Zoey 101 is Brittney Spears' Sister Jamie Lynn Spears!!

Is zoey off of zoey 101 Brittney spears daughter?

No, she's Britney's sister.

Who is Miley Cyrus's Big Sister?

Miley Cyrus's big sister's name is Brittney not Brittney spears Brittney.l.Cyrus the l stands for Lizzie

What year was Brittney Spears born in?

Brittney Spears was born on December 2, 1981

Is Brittney spears Canadian?


What is Brittney spears sister's name?

Jamie Lynn Spears

Are Brittney Spears and Jamie Lynn Spears related?


Any funny names which your sister and you can put on the back of your hoodies for the school ski trip?

Flizner, Or maybe Brittney spears.

How tall is Brittney Spears?


Who was miley's romodle?

Brittney spears

Did Brittney spears die?

um... no...?

Is Brittney spears a hoe?


What does Brittney spears eat?


Is Brittney spears from el salvador?


How did Brittney Spears get famous?


Who sings womanaizer?

Brittney Spears.

What is Brittney spears real name?

her real name is kayleigh spears

How many children does Brittney Spears have?

Britteny Spears has 3 children.

Do you think Jamie Lynn Spears is prettier then Brittney Spears?


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