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Bryan Donahue is currently in a relationship with Taneil Baldwin.

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What is the name of The bassist in Boys Like Girls?

Bryan Donahue Bryan Donahue

How tall is Bryan Donahue from Boys Like Girls?

Bryan Donahue is 5'8"

How old is Bryan Donahue from Boys like Girls?

Bryan Donahue from the band Boys Like Girls just turned 24 on February 26th, 2009.

Where Bryan donahue from boys like girls is from what town and what bands martin Johnson was in before boys like girls?

Bryan donahue is from Boston martin Johnson is another story.

What town is Bryan Donahue from Boys Like Girls from?


What is Bryan donahue from boys like girls middle name?

Frances or Francis

What are the names of the boys in boys like girls?

The boys' names are: Martin Johnson, John Keefe, Bryan Donahue, and Paul DiGiovanni

Who are the members of boys like girls?

Martin Johnson, Paul DiGiovanni, Bryan Donahue, and John Keefe.

Does the band boys like girls smoke?

the bassist, Bryan Donahue is the only member of the band that smokes.

What are facts about Bryan Donahue from Boys Like Girls?

Well he's pretty.........he has a nose ring and various amounts of tattoos and pericings.

What are names of the band boys like girls albums?

Martin Bennett Johnson Paul Charles DiGiovanni Bryan Francis Donahue John Joseph Keefe

All the names of the members from the band boys like girls?

martin Johnson (vocalist) , John Keefe (drummer) ,Bryan Donahue (bassist) ,Paul digiovanna(gutarrist)

Who are the members of the Boys Like Girls band and what are their ages?

The members of Boys Like Girls are Martin Johnson (vocals) John Keefe (drums) Bryan Donahue (bass) Paul DiGiovanni (lead guitar) Martin is 25 year old, John is 27, Paul is 22 and Bryan is 25! Hope this helped =)

The names of the boys in boys like girls?

Martin Johnson (full name: Martin Bennett Johnson) - lead singer, rhythm guitar Paul DiGiovanni (full name: Paul Charles DiGiovanni) - lead guitar Bryan Donahue (full name: Bryan Francis Donahue) - bass guitar John Keefe (full name: John Joseph Keefe) - drums

What are the nicknames of the members of Boys Like Girls?

Martin Johnson-Party Marty,Safari Marty, MJPaul DiGiovanni-PoolieBryan Donahue- BDooeyJohn Keefe-Beef

What are the names of the boys in the band Boys Like Girls with a picture of them?

Click on the related link for a picture. Ok from left to right is Bryan Donahue, Paul DiGiovanni, John Keefe, and Martin Johnson ________________________________________________________________________________ Actually, from left to right on that related link is Bryan Donahue, John Keefe, Martin Johnson, And Paul DiGiovanni. Martin Johnson is the singer which is probably why he's so prominent in the picture. I know, not fair, but that's how it goes.

Is dating biblical between boys and girls?


What are the band members names in Boys Like Girls?

Martin Johnson- lead vocals and rhythm guitar Paul DiGiovanni- lead guitar,backup vocals Bryan Donahue - bass guitar,backup vocals John Keefe- drums

Do boys or girls lie more in a dating relationships in middle school?

The boys, generally.

What is the name for girls that date girls that look like boys?

Lesbians. Dating tomboys

What are the Names of boys like girls band members?

Martin Bennett Johnson is the rhythm guitarist and singer Paul DiGiovanni is the lead guitarist and backing vocals John Keefe plays drums Bryan Donahue plays bass and backing vocals as well .

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Flexing on there friends but its not just about what the boy cares its you and only u boys love that girls do is them just being their self

Birthdays of boys like girls band members?

Martin Johnson (vocals) -Sept.9 1985---Martin is 25 John Keefe (drums) -Aug.10 1983---John is 27 Bryan Donahue (bass) -Feb.25 1985---Bryan is 25 Paul DiGiovanni (lead guitar) -Jan.19 1987---Paul is 22

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he only likes boys (dating-wise), but in general she likes everyone

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