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Who is Captain Jack Sparrow?

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A fictional character in the oh so popular, Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. He is played by Johnny Depp. There are three of these movies. Produced by Jerry Bruchheimer, and directed by Gore Verbenski.Captain Jack is a role model to young and old he is more than a character. He is witty, smart, and can talk his way out of any thing. He truly is the king of the Caribbean and he rules with the black pearl. That is cap'n Jack Sparrow.

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Who is the main character in Pirates of the Caribbean?

Johnny Depp plays Captain Jack Sparrow.Captain Jack Sparrow.

What is the real name of Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean movie?

Captain Jack Sparrow

Who plays the famouse pirate jack sparrow?

Johnny Depp plays Captain Jack Sparrow.

What sea captain circumnavigated the globe?

Captain Jack Sparrow

What is the name of the actor who plays Captain Jack Sparrow?

Captain Jack Sparrow was played by Johnny Depp.Johnny Depp.Johnny Depp

Who is the famous pirate Jack sparow?

*Captain Jack Sparrow.

What is the name of the captain in Pirates of the Caribbean?

it is captain blackbeard and captain jack sparrow

Is captain jack sparrow hot?


What is the reward of Captain Jack Sparrow?


What ship does captain jack sparrow sail?

Captain Jack Sparrow's ship of choice was the Black Pearl.

Do pirates have a jar of dirt?

captain jack sparrow did

Does captain jack sparrow wear earrings?

Yes he does.

Who invented the curise ship?

Captain Jack Sparrow.

Who set out to rescue Lizzie?

captain jack sparrow

Who is the greatest pirate ever?

captain jack sparrow

Who is the protagonist in Pirates of the Caribbean?

Captain Jack Sparrow

Who starred as captain jack sparrow?

Johnny Depp

What colour eyes has captain jack sparrow have?

They are brown. :)

What is Captain Sparrow's first name in Pirates of the Caribbean?

Captain JACK Sparrow

What is jack sparrow's name?

Captain Jack Sparrow is portrayed by Johnny Depp.

Who will be the next Jack sparrow?

People are saying it will be Zac Efron, though I think Johnny Depp should stay, I mean, Zac Efron as Captain Jack Sparrow? No one can act Jack Sparrow the same as Johnny Depp, Johnny depp is the only actor who can really act Jack Sparrow.Johnny Depp will continue to play Captain Jack.

What is the name of the captain on the ship captain jack sparrow wants to take over?

Captain Hector Barbossa

Was there a real Captain Jack Sparrow?

No, he's a fictional character.

Who was the first Caribbean scientists?

Captain Jack Sparrow and Will Turner.

What Dose Captain Jack Sparrow like?

He Likes.......RUM!!