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Cassandria Arnaz Carlson is Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz' biological grand daughter. Her mother was Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz' daughter Madeline born 1947.

Cassandria Lucianna Arnaz, is now the V.P. of Marketing and New Media Specialist for SyndicatedNews.NET. She has three children and her name can be found in the listing of the members of that website under her own name.

Attorney Blaine T. Bettinger was the main speaker for Valentines Day 2013 on a SyndicatedNews.NET episode which explains the procedure Arnaz-Carlson used to certify her lineage. The show was a medical and legal panel discussion not open to the public.

Dr. Bettinger is both a lawyer and a doctor qualified to speak on the matter of DNA. Prior to joining Bond, Schoeneck & King law firm, Dr. Bettinger obtained his PhD in genetics and he is the author of The Genetic Genealogist.

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Q: Who is Cassandria Carlson?
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