Who is Cho Chang?

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Cho Chang is the girl who had Harry Potter's first kiss

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Q: Who is Cho Chang?
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Related Questions

Did Cho Chang die?

Cho Chang did not die.

How did Cho Chang die?

Cho Chang did not die.

When was Cho Chang born?

Young-Chang Cho was born in 1958.

Is Cho Chang Chinese?

Yes, it was stated that Cho Chang was of Chinese descent.

How many children did Cho Chang have?

It is not known if Cho Chang had any children.

Did Cho Chang die in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

No. Cho Chang survived.

Did Cho Chang marry anybody?

Yes, Cho Chang married a muggle man.

What house was Cho Chang in at Hogwarts?

Cho Chang is in the house Ravenclaw in Hogwarts

When was Young-Chang Cho born?

Young-Chang Cho was born in 1958.

What house is cho in?

Cho Chang is in Ravenclaw.

Was Cho Chang in slytherin?

No. Cho was a Ravenclaw.

Who played Cho Chang in the Harry Potter movies?

Katie Leung played Cho Chang.

What nationality is the last name 'Cho?

Cho Chang is probably Chinese.

Who did Cho Chang go to the Yule Ball with?

Cho Chang attends the Yule Ball with Cedric Diggory.

Who killed Cho Chang in Harry Potter?

Nobody killed Cho Chang, she survived the series. Cho later married an unnamed muggle man.

Who did victor Chang get married to?

ching chang cho the 3rd

What is Cho Chang's daughter's name?

It is unknown if Cho Chang had a daughter.

Who does the character Cho Chang marry in Harry Potter series?

According to what J.K.Rowling said in an interview, Cho Chang marries a muggle.

When was Cho Chang married to Draco Malfoy?

Never. Cho Chang married a muggle and Draco Malfoy married Astoria Greengrass.

How old is Cho Chang?

Cho Chang is a year older than Harry. She is known to have married an unkown muggle in her later years.

Where is Cho Chang in LEGO Harry Potter?

Cho Chang is not an unlockable character in the Lego Harry Potter video games series.

Is Cho Chang alive?

Cho does live through the Harry Potter saga.

What is in cho yung tea?

its cho chang and it wasnt tea is was coffee or a cappacino

Is cho Chang dead?

J K Rowling stated shortly after the release of Deathly Hallows that Cho Chang was alive and married to a muggle

Is cho Chang Scottish or Chinese?

Cho Chang is of Chinese descent, but her Scottish accent suggests that she was born in Scotland, and by Scottish Law, is Scottish,