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Who is Cliff Stone?

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A country singer out of Miami, Florida who began his country music career at the age of fifteen (15) in Chicago, Illinois. Cliff Stone gained popularity throughout the entire mid-west opening for big time name country music acts like, Patty Loveless, The Oak Ridge Boys and Dave Doran. Cliff Stone was a regular at legendary Carol's Pub on Chicago's North side were many musicians gathered weekly to play music and sit in with the house band. From 1977 to 1984 Cliff Stone toured the Midwest playing county fairs and honky tonks while writing and recording music. You can hear Cliff Stone's original music and cover tunes at

Immediately after the birth of his first daughter Mandi, Cliff Stone removed himself from the country music scene to concentrate on rising his family. In the years to come, Cliff Stone had four (4) more daughters, Jessica, Lauren, Karen and Elizabeth. Cliff Stone went on to pursue what has become a distinguished career in Law Enforcement. A graduate of the Cook County Sheriffs Academy and the Blue Island Police Academy, Cliff Stone dedicated his life to serving and protecting.

Although Cliff Stone had carved out a great living as a Law Enforcement Officer, country music was always his first love. In 2008, Cliff Stone began writing music again and performing in his new home state, Florida. You can find Cliff Stone playing the honky tonks and bars of the Florida Redlands and Everglades. Cliff Stone remains dedicated to his law enforcement career which now involves his employment in a Federal Government Agency, he is grateful for the opportunity to serve his country in a post 9/11 era and intends on continuing serving his country while playing the music that is so dear to his heart, Country Music.

If you get a chance you have to visit Cliff Stone's Myspace page, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that Cliff Stone is a Back to basics artist dedicated to preserving that traditional country music sound.


Cliff Stone was born in Havana, Cuba in 1962. He moved to the United States with his mother, father and older brother Mauricio at the tender age of three (3). Cliff Stone is now forty six (46) years old and still cranking out those classic country tunes. He has been compared to Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings. Cliff Stone credit's Cash, Jennings, Johnny Paycheck, Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson for introducing him to his first taste of country music. Cliff Stone was hooked on country music after hearing Waylon & Willie sing Good Hearted Woman, it's been a great ride ever since. Cliff Stone loves to hear from his fans so you can reach him on Myspace or at

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