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Who is Darth Vader's father?

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In the movies, we are led to believe that Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader's original persona), was the product of a virgin birth and seemed to have no biological father. This seems to be the main reason that Obi Wan felt he was the chosen one.

However, it is implied that The Emperor's (a/k/a Darth Sidious', Senator Palpatine's) predecessor - Darth Plagueis - used his powers of the Dark side of the force to manipulate the Midichlorians to to conceive Anakin. That is how Anakin came to be.

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Who is Darth Vaders father?

no one. he has no biological father.

Who was Darth Vaders father?

Siddhartha Vader

What should have been Darth Vaders theme song?

darth vaders theme song...... wow, just wow

What is Darth Vaders dog?

Darth Vader doesn't have a dog

Who is Darth Vaders farther?

Many people think that his father was Darth Plagues who had the power to create people with force as said in episode 3

Who is Darth Vaders master?

Darth Vader's master was Darth Sidious or Emperor Palpatine.

Is Darth maul Darth Vaders dad?

No. Anakin Skywalker (who became Darth Vader) doesn't have a father. His mother, Shmi, became pregnant through the midichlorians, a measure of the Force.

What is Darth Vaders ships name?


Darth Vaders ruler?

Emperor Palpatine

Who is Darth Vader father?

He did not have one. George lucas made it like vaders mom is the virgin mary from the bible

What is the name of the star wars book where they a dude finds Darth Vaders glove?

Trioculus finds Darth Vaders right-hand glove in the novel, "The Glove of Darth Vader", written by Paul and Hollace Davids.

What is the name of darth vaders super star destroyer?


What is Darth Vaders space ship called?

The death star

What is the name of Darth Vaders army?

imperial storm troopers

Was there 2 Darth Vaders?

No there is only one Darth Vader. Once known as Jedi, Anakin Skywalker.

Who is Darth Vaders son?

Luke. Search your feelings, you know it to be true.

Who did Darth Vaders voice?

Darth Vader's voice was played by the famous and excellent actor, James Earl Jones.

What was the name of Darth Vaders son?

His name is Luke Skywalker because Darth Vader is really Anakin Skywalker.

Is Darth maul is Darth Vaders cousin?

No. They're not even related. Vader is a human while Maul was a Zabrak.

What is Darth Vaders code on Lego star wars 3?

Darth Vader (Classic) - FM4JB7 Darth Vader Battle Damaged (Classic) - NMJFBL

What is Darth Vaders favorite food?

Well, I don't think he can actually eat...

Who voiced Darth Vaders apprentice?

If you mean Starkiller, he was voiced by Sam Witwer

In Star Wars what is Darth Vaders full title or position?

Lord of the Sith

In Star Wars the force unleashed what is the name of Darth Vaders secret apperentice?


What is Darth Vaders tie fighters name?

It does not have a name, but it is a TIE Advanced x1 Starfighter.