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Who is Emma Vilarasau?

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2011-09-13 17:13:41

"Emma_Vilarasau" id="Emma_Vilarasau">Emma Vilarasau

She is one of the best and the most popular Catalan actresses of

our time. Ms. Vilarasau gained popularity when she played Eulàlia

Montsolís in a Catalan soap-opera called Nissaga de Poder

(Dinasty of Power). Since then she made several TV shows (Crims,

Mirall Trencat, Majoria Absoluta, Ventdelplà) and appeared in some

films. Though she is famous because of TV, Emma Vilarasau acclaims

that theater is what she likes to do, and, in fact, she does it

very well. She's also "famous" for chosing TV over theater

in the very last minute, though.

If you want to know her better, here's a fan page (it's in

Catalan): http://www.webwais.net/vilarasau/index.php

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