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Eva is the one off of young and restly and tyler perry house of payne

Actually Eva started off as the winner of season 3 of Americas Next Top Model

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Yaya who beat her?

It was Eva Pigford.

How tall is Eva Pigford?


Who is Eva Pigford dating now?

Eva is engaged to Lance Gross

When did Eva pigford change her name to Eva marcille?

On November 15, 2006, Eva left her managers Benny Medina and Tyra Banks. After leaving Banks and Medina for new management, she officially dropped "Pigford" from her name, now going by Eva Marcille (her middle name)

Where does Eva Pigford live?

in burbank, ca near the studios for which she works.

Where and when was the model Eva Pigford born?

The American model Eva Pigford (aka Eva Marcille) was born on October 30 1984, in Los Angeles CA. She is most famous for winning the third series of America's Next Top Model (2004).

How old is Eva Marcille?

Eva Marcille (Pigford) is 33 years old (birthdate: October 30, 1984).

Who was the winner of Americas next top model cycle 3?

Eva Pigford

Who is lance gross dating?

Eva Marcille (formerly Pigford) jayla cannon(pretter)

Who won cycle 3 of Americas next top model?

Eva Pigford was the winner of cycle 3.

Who won Cycle 3 of ANTM?

Eva Pigford won cycle three of "America's Next Top Model".

Is Eva pigford dating?

Model Eva Marcille had a baby girl with her then fiance Kevin McCall in 2014. They broke up after an altercation. There is no report of who she is dating now if she is dating.

Who won Cycle 3 of America's Next Top Model?

Eva Pigford!

When was Thomas H. Pigford born?

Thomas H. Pigford was born on 1922-04-21.

When did Thomas H. Pigford die?

Thomas H. Pigford died on 2010-02-27.

Who plays Tracy Calvin's baby mom on house of payne?

Eva Pigford plays Tracie on "House of Payne". She is also known for being on the show "America's Next Top Model".

What has the author Aretha B Pigford written?

Aretha B. Pigford has written: 'Women in school leadership' -- subject(s): Psychology, Social conditions, Women school administrators

Who are all the winners of America's next top model?

Cycle:Adrianne CurryYoanna HouseEva PigfordNaima MoraNicole LinkletterDanielle EvansCaridee EnglishJaslene GonzalezSaleisha StowersWhitney ThompsonBritney (McKey) SullivanTeyona AndersonNicole Fox

Who won 2004s american next top model?

There was 2 winners in 2004. (Cycle 2) From January 13, 2004 - March 23, 2004: Yoanna House (From Jacksonville, Florida) (Cycle 3) From September 22, 2004 - December 15, 2004: Eva Pigford (From Los Angeles, California)

What is a good middle name that goes with Eva?

Eva Rose Eva Lee Eva Yvone Eva Lynn Eva Ann

Who are the winners of Americas next top model?

Adrianne Curry Yoanna House Eva Pigford Naima Mora Nicole Linkletter Danielle Evans CariDee English Jaslene Gonzalez Saleisha Stowers Whitney Thompson McKey Sullivan ( or Brittney Sullivan, her original name in casting for ANTM) Teyona Anderson Nicole Fox

What are the americas next top model winners names?

Adrianne Curry Yoanna House Eva Pigford Naima Mora Nicole Linkletter Danielle Evans CariDee English Jaslene Gonzalez Saleisha Stowers Whitney Thompson McKey Sullivan Teyona Anderson Nicole Fox Krista White Ann Ward Brittani Kline

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What nicknames does Eva Magdalenski go by?

Eva Magdalenski goes by Eva Magazine.

What has the author Eva Allende written?

Eva Allende has written: 'Eva Luna'