Who is Fifi lapin?

Updated: 11/6/2022
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Probably a rabbit called Fifi

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Q: Who is Fifi lapin?
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What has the author Leonhard Lapin written?

Leonhard Lapin has written: 'Leonhard Lapin'

When was Ron Lapin born?

Ron Lapin died in 1995.

What is the birth name of Nicole Lapin?

Nicole Lapin's birth name is Nicole Miriam Lapin.

What is the birth name of Boris Lapin?

Boris Lapin's birth name is Lapin, Boris Matveyevich.

What is the english word for le lapin?

le lapin = the rabbit

What is a lapine?

Un lapin means a rabbit, if you mean lapin.

Is lapin masculin or feminin?

Lapin is French masculine for rabbit.

When was Leonhard Lapin born?

Leonhard Lapin was born in 1947.

How tall is Nicole Lapin?

Nicole Lapin is 5' 4".

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Lapin Kulta was created in 1873.

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