Who is Geraint960?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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General info

Geraint960 is a ex animator/live action maker on YouTube who can make films of any era and take it in his stride some of his best friends are legodarknight101, shadowsniper234, inglis93,URBANxMYTH,Agentindy417,jkrunrmc,mrmjfan101,and Superlegos1 he currently has around 140 subscribers with that number increasing weekly he is currently working on expanding his career to live action films!

Voice acting career

Most of geraints voice acting has been in legodarknight101's films as they have been friends online since before that when they met on forrestfire101's chat and geraint said that legodarknight should make a youtube channel, people he has voiced for include brickbibrickfilms,mnmtwinz,legodarknight101,and jkrunrmc along with alot of others.

What is he working on right now?

Geraint is currently working on expanding his field of experience in film making and wants to make scripted live actions.

Why did he join youtube?

Geraint joined youtube as a way of sharing his videos with the world he thought he wouldn't get anywhere he was going to do it just for fun.

How can I contact him?

There are numerous ways to contact Geraint you can email him via youtube send an email to or send him a message on Flickr(960 productions)

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Q: Who is Geraint960?
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