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Hannah Vogel is the main character in the series of mystery novels by Rebecca Cantrell. The first is called "A Trace of Smoke." The second is called "A Night of Long Knives" and comes out May 2010.

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What is vogel language?

Vogel is the German word for bird

What does the word 'Vogel' mean in English?

"Vogel" is the German word for "Bird" .(Sometimes it can be used as an insult, too: "Du Vogel!" means something like: "You idiot!")

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Pia Vogel was born in 1969.

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Harald Vogel was born in 1941.

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Hans Vogel died in 1945.

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Arthur Vogel died in 1962.

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Johannes Vogel was born in 1963.

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Tony Vogel was born in 1943.

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Ursula Vogel was born in 1918.

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