Who is JRR Tolkein?

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JRR Tolkien is a renowned author known for The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. He also wrote the Children of Hurin and The Simmilarion.

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Q: Who is JRR Tolkein?
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Is JRR tolkein a man?

Yes!! J.R.R tolkien is a MAN!!

What author name starts with a T is a 7 letter word?

JRR Tolkein

How did JRR Tolkein come up with the names of his characters?

JRR Tolkein was a professor of Languages. He made up every name and language in his book - he was so detailed that people today can actually speak Elvish and Dwarvish!

What is the Historical Period in The Hobbit by JRR Tolkein?

historical period Third age of middle-earth,2941-2942

Who was jrr tolkein married to?

Tolkien married Edith Mary Bratt. They met while living in the same boarding house.

When did jrr Tolkein get trench fever?

he got it in ww1 from a german gas attack which forced him past the medical bay, which he then accidently caught while running to get his gas mask.

Where is tolkein from in the book The Hobbit?

JRR Tolkien is not in The Hobbit, he is the author of the book. He does a bit of narration in some places, a sort of aside. Tolkien is English and was born in South Africa.

What was JRR Tolkien's favorite of the books he wrote?

JRR Tolkien always loved the Hobbit.

What did Tolkien write?

The author JRR Tolkein wrote a great many works, but is most famous for the following: The Hobbit (1937) (and the following which is considered the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy:) The Fellowship of the Ring (1954) The Two Towers (1954) The Return of the King (1955) See the "Related Links" below for a complete bibliography.

Was J R R Tolkein british?


Where was jrr tolkin born?


Why does tolkein postpone smaug's death?

from my point of understanding the book, I belive tolkein didnt know about smaug's death just yet. HASHTAG he didnt know! :)

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