Who is James foster gamble?

Foster Gamble, the producer of "Thrive: What On Earth Will It Take?", claims he spent his entire life trying to figure out what has caused the staggering agony and deprivation on planet earth. That is a blatant lie. Foster Gamble knows the cause. He has known the cause his entire life...because his filthy rich, consciencless family helped cause the staggering agony and deprivation on planet earth.

So who is Foster Gamble and where did he get the big money to produce "Thrive"? Does the name "Gamble" ring a bell? How about the name Proctor & Gamble? For those who have never heard of Proctor & Gamble, it is a Fortune 500 American multinational corporation.

Foster Gamble, the creator/host/co-writer/producer of "Thrive" is an heir and direct descendent of James Gamble of Procter and Gamble. This privileged movie producer was a Princeton frat boy and his partner is a former journalist for Newsweek International which merged with The Daily Beast in November 2010.