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Who is Janacek?

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== == What happened when you typed Janacek into the Wikipedia search thingy? It should have said Czech Composer famous for composing some startlingly good Opera! If that's who you meant otherwise I am stumped who else he or she might be other someone also with that name!

answer 2 Born 3rd July 1854 died 12th August 1928 he was a Czech composer, musical theorist, folklorist, publicist and teacher. The operas he wrote:- Šárka - 1887 The Beginning of a Romance - 1894 Her Stepdaughter [Jenůfa] - 1904 Fate - 1904 The Excursions of Mr. Broucek - 1920 Káťa Kabanová - 1921 The Cunning Little Vixen - 1924 The Makropoulos Affair - 1926 From the House of the Dead - 1930

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Isabella Janacek is 5' 3".

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Isabella Janacek was born in Czech Republic.

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What actors and actresses appeared in Family Portrait - 1994?

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What actors and actresses appeared in Am Ende des Tages - 2011?

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What are the different instruments that Janacek uses in his work called Sinfonietta?

Check out the publisher, Universal Edition: Remember, it's in German, so "B" = B flat. "Es" = E flat. "Posaune" is trombone, Fagott is bassoon, Pauken are timpani, I'm bad with the percussion, but there are orchestral chimes and crash cymbals. Harfe is harp. And "1." means first, "2." means second, etc.

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CevapciciChe-Vap-Che-Chi Cevaps For Short?

Ingredients1 Lb. lean ground beef1/2 Lb. ground lamb1/2 Lb. ground pork4 finely minced garlic cloves (4 to 7)1 Tsp. salt1 Tsp. baking soda2 Tsp. cracked or freshly ground black pepper1 cayenne pepperseasoned pepper and garlic pepper to taste 1 beaten egg whiteMix all, altogether. You may wish to combine the seasonings or grind them together before adding them to the meat.Shape in thumb-sized sausages, or in croquette size shapes.Grill on open grill until done.Serve with pita bread or hard rolls, and onions (raw or sauteed). The smaller size works great for an appetizer (on a toothpick).Traditionally, these are not served in barbeque sauce.A truly authentic recipe from a person named Janacek (and also VERY GOOD!)

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What are some famous people in Europe today or a long time ago?

the spice girls, elton john, natasha beddingfield yeah the spice the spice girlz there the u know what and... Hildergard of Bingen (German) Claudio Monteverdi (Italian) Heinrich Schutz (German) Jean-Baptiste Lully (French) Arcangelo Corelli (Italian) Henry Purcell (English) Antonio Vivaldi (Italian) Johann Pachelbel (German) Dietrich Buxtehude (Dnaish) Johann Sebastian Bach (German) George Frideric Handel (German) Domenico Scarlatti (Italian) Jean-Philippe Rameau (French) Gregorio Allegri (Italian) Alessandro Scarlatti (Italian) Giovanni Battista Pergolesi (Italian) Giuseppe Tartini (Italian) Francois Couperin (French) Georg Philipp Telemann (German) Johann Hasse (German) Guillaume de Machaut (French) Guillaume Dufay (Flemish) Johannes Ockeghem (Flemish) Josquin des Prez (Flemish) Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina (Italian) Orlande de Lassus (Flemish) Tomas Luis de Victoria (Spanish) Thomas Tallis (English) William Byrd (English) Carlo Gesualdo (Italian) Gilles Binchois (Bergundian) Adriaan Willaert (Italian) Christoph Willibald Gluck (German) Joseph Haydn (Austrian) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Austrian) Thomas Arne (English) Carl Philipp Emmanuel Bach (German) Johann Christian Bach (German) Domenico Cimarosa (Italian) Antonio Salieri (Italian) Luigi Boccherini (Italian) Giovanni Paisiello (Italian) Franz Schubert (Austrian) Ludwig van Beethoven (German) Ludwig van Beethoven (belongs in both) Gioacchino Rossini (Italian) Gaetano Donizetti (Italian) Vincenzo Bellini (Italian) Carl Maria von Weber (German) Giacomo Meyerbeer (German) Niccolo Paganini (Italian) Hector Berlioz (French) Felix Mendelssohn (German) Frederic Chopin (Polish) Robert Schumann (German) Franz Liszt (Hungarian) Charles Gounod (French) Georges Bizet (French) Luigi Cherubini (Italian) Daniel-Francios-Esprit Auber (French) John Field (Irish) Franz Berwald (Sweedish) Jacques Fromenthal (French) Mikhail Glinka (Russian) Mily Balakirev (Russian) Alexander Borodin (Russian) Modest Mussorgsky (Russian) Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov (Russian) Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (Russian) Bedrich Smetana (Czech) Antonin Dvorak (Czech) Edvard Grieg (Norwegian) Isaac albeniz (Spanish) Enrique Granados (Spanish) Arthur Sullivan (English) Jacques Offenbach (French) Johann Strauss (Austrian) Johann Straus II (Austrian) Emmanuel Chabrier (French?) Edouard Lalo (French) Johan Svendsen (Norwegian) Christian Sinding (Norwegian) Johannes Brahms (German) Anton Bruckner (Austrian) Giuseppi Verdi (Italian) Richard Wagner (German) Gustav Mahler (Austrian) Edward Elgar (English) Jean Sibelius (Finnish) Cammile Saint-Saens (French) Gabriel Faure (French) Giacomo Puccini (Italian) Richard Strauss (German) Sergei Rachmaninoff (Russian) Karol Szymanoski (Polish) Alexander Glazunov (Russian) Hugo Wolf (Austrian) Max Bruch (German) Hubert Perry (English) Paul Dukas (French) Vincet d'Indy (French) Charles Villers Stanford (Irish) Twentieth Century: Claude Debussy (Fench) Maurice Ravel (French) Erik Satie (French) Alexander Scriabin (Russian) Ferruccio Busoni (Italian) Ralph Vaughn Williams (English) Gustav Holst (English) Frederick Delius (English) Leos Janacek (Czech) Bela Bartok (Hungarian) Zoltan Kodaly (Hungarian) Carl Nielsen (Danish) Arnold Schoenberg (Austrian) Alban Berg (Austrian) Anton Webern (Austrian) Kurt Weil (German) Francis Poulenc (French) Igor Stravinsky (Russian) Sergei Prokofiev (Russian) Paul Hindemith (German) William Walton (English) Ottorino Respighi (Italian) Manuel de Falla (Spanish) Aram Khachaturian (Armenian) Constant Lambert (English) Philip Heseltine (English) Dimitri Shostakovich (Russian) Benjamin Britten (English) Olivier Messiaen (French) Sir Nathan Scott (English) Joshua Haines (English) Baroness Rodmilla de Ghent (French)

What actors and actresses appeared in Monster - 2004?

The cast of Monster - 2004 includes: Julie Ann Taylor as Lotte Frank Julie Ann Taylor as Suleiman Julie Ann Taylor as Young Johan Liebert Beau Billingslea as Milan Kolasch JB Blanc as British Man JB Blanc as Roberto Kevin Brief as Filip Zeman Brigitte Burdine as Margot Langer Richard Cansino as Detective Janacek Steve Cassling as Inspector Filip Zeman Cam Clarke as Richard Braun Christopher Corey Smith as Detective Christopher Corey Smith as Detective Martin Mari Devon as Wife Joe DiMucci as Deniz Joe DiMucci as Hartmann David Earnest as Businessman David Earnest as Head Police Officer David Earnest as Neo-Nazi Arsonist Richard Epcar as Inspector Heinrich Lunge Doug Erholtz as Arno Doug Erholtz as Herbert Knaup Doug Erholtz as Otto Heckel Lee Everest as Goedelitz Melissa Fahn as Prostitute Jessica Gee as Mrs. Hillman Grant George as Chief Detective Batella Caitlin Glass as Beate Caitlin Glass as Librarian Barbara Goodson as Mrs. Fortner Barbara Goodson as Teacher Yasuyoshi Hara as Dr. Becker Melora Harte as Old Woman Melora Harte as Petra Victoria Harwood as British Woman Kyle Hebert as Fritz Vardemann Kyle Hebert as Police Officer Megan Hollingshead as Reporter Tsutomu Isobe as Inspector Lunge Taliesin Jaffe as Adolf Junkers Chris Kent as Dr. Becker Bill Kessler as Commissioner Nepela Hidenobu Kiuchi as Kenzou Tenma Mami Koyama as Eve Heinemann Steve Kramer as Director Heinemann Steve Kramer as Konrad Steve Kramer as Petrov Anthony Lander as General Helmut Wolf Anthony Lander as General Helmut Wolfe Reuben Langdon as Detective Zanda Wendee Lee as Mrs. Lunge Wendee Lee as Schemel Yuri Lowenthal as Karl Neumann Peter Lurie as Hotel Manager Peter Lurie as Karel Ranke Peter Lurie as Robbie Hunter Mackenzie Austin as Helene Hunter Mackenzie Austin as Woman in Bakery Dave Mallow as Petr Capek Michael McConnohie as Commissioner Hamrlik Michael McConnohie as Dr. Boyer Michael McConnohie as Franz Bonaparta Michael McConnohie as Professor Kronecker Michael McConnohie as Rosso Michael McConnohie as Train Conductor Vic Mignogna as Gustav Milch Takehiro Murozono as Adolf Junkers Mamiko Noto as Anna Liebert Joe Ochman as Old Man in Forest Tony Oliver as Dark Blue Suit Reporter Tara Platt as Eva Heinemann Jamieson Price as Hugo Bernhardt Sam Riegel as Constantine Sam Riegel as Killer Sam Riegel as Peter Cindy Robinson as Martin Michelle Ruff as Aishe Michelle Ruff as Nurse Michelle Ruff as Turkish Woman Nozomu Sasaki as Johan Liebert Patrick Seitz as Grimmer Patrick Seitz as Telephone Reporter Patrick Seitz as Wolfgang Grimmer Kevin Seymour as Gehrmann Stephanie Sheh as Clara Stephanie Sheh as Else Stephanie Sheh as Tung Stephanie Sheh as Young Vietnamese Doctor Keith Silverstein as Johan Liebert Michael Sinterniklaas as Jan Suk Michael Sorich as Bartender Michael Sorich as Detective Novak Michael Sorich as Man on Street Michael Sorich as Mr. Fortner Spike Spencer as Rheinhardt Dinger Melodee Spevack as Blond-Haired Nurse Melodee Spevack as Elna Tiess Derek Stephen Prince as Dr. Rudy Gillen Doug Stone as Mr. Buchner Doug Stone as Turkish Merchant Doug Stone as Zoback Karen Strassman as Anna Liebert Jessica Straus as Prostitute Junko Takeuchi as Dieter Masayuki Tanaka as Dr. Boyer Kaiji Tang as Hitman Kirk Thornton as Dr. Oppenheim Kirk Thornton as Gross Kirk Thornton as Gunther Milch Kirk Thornton as Heitmaier Kirk Thornton as Mr. Liebert Kirk Thornton as The Baby Travis Willingham as Christof Sievernich Dan Woren as Dr. Eisen Dan Woren as Hans Georg Schuwald Dan Woren as Hans George Schuwald Dan Woren as Messner

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Stephanie Faracy has: Played Donna in "Insight" in 1960. Played herself in "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson" in 1962. Performed in "Visions" in 1976. Played Honey Malloy in "The Love Boat" in 1977. Played Rozzie Webber in "Bumpers" in 1977. Played Deborah Barnes in "Fantasy Island" in 1977. Played Lt. Hope Phillips in "The Fighting Nightingales" in 1978. Played Corinne in "Heaven Can Wait" in 1978. Played Gail Collins in "The Last Resort" in 1979. Played Lisa Holloway in "Trapper John, M.D." in 1979. Played Babbette in "Scavenger Hunt" in 1979. Played Amy Sayler in "Magnum, P.I." in 1980. Played Stephanie in "Stephanie" in 1981. Played Valerie Wood in "Goodnight, Beantown" in 1983. Played Judy in "The Thorn Birds" in 1983. Played Judy Gillette in "Hotel" in 1983. Played Janice Fletcher in "Hotel" in 1983. Played Goldie Hawkins in "Goldie and the Bears" in 1984. Played Amy Salyer in "Murder, She Wrote" in 1984. Played Gina in "Mama Malone" in 1984. Performed in "Eye to Eye" in 1985. Played Debbie Dee Claggett in "Space" in 1985. Played Katy in "American Geisha" in 1986. Played Kate Harris in "Classified Love" in 1986. Played Susie Davis in "Blind Date" in 1987. Played Connie Ripley in "The Great Outdoors" in 1988. Played Florence Schiffer in "Windmills of the Gods" in 1988. Played Carole Fordham in "Murphy Brown" in 1988. Played Beth in "Bridesmaids" in 1989. Played Ellen Freeman in "True Colors" in 1990. Played Carol in "Wings" in 1990. Played Gloria Hemmings in "Silk Stalkings" in 1991. Played Jenny in "Hocus Pocus" in 1993. Played Lynn in "The Only Way Out" in 1993. Played Mimi in "Frasier" in 1993. Played Sally Redding in "Touched by an Angel" in 1994. Played Jane Janacek in "Family Portrait" in 1994. Played Myra Dolan in "Chicago Hope" in 1994. Played Angie in "ER" in 1994. Played Faye in "Caroline in the City" in 1995. Played Joyce Cullman in "The Pretender" in 1996. Played Lucy Cross in "Boston Common" in 1996. Played Dr. Otis in "Run for the Dream: The Gail Devers Story" in 1996. Played Joan Sayers in "Dark Skies" in 1996. Performed in "Extreme Ghostbusters" in 1997. Played Pamela in "Pauly" in 1997. Played Mrs. Marlowe in "Safety Patrol" in 1998. Played Lucille in "Maggie Winters" in 1998. Played Mrs. Adams in "Any Day Now" in 1998. Played Mary Parker in "The Lot" in 1999. Played Nancy Moore in "Providence" in 1999. Played Selma Drown in "The Rockford Files: If It Bleeds... It Leads" in 1999. Played Elizabeth Daryl in "Stark Raving Mad" in 1999. Played Mrs. Flynn in "Bette" in 2000. Played Linda Monroe in "The Johnny Chronicles" in 2002. Played Suzette Michaels in "Charlie Lawrence" in 2003. Played Maureen Patterson in "Silver Lake" in 2004. Played Miss Charlotte in "Desperate Housewives" in 2004. Played Letitia Vanglider in "Surviving Christmas" in 2004. Played Pat in "Blue Skies" in 2005. Played Anna in "Flightplan" in 2005. Played Rhonda in "How I Met Your Mother" in 2005. Played Laura in "Out of Practice" in 2005. Played Stella in "Stacked" in 2005. Played Dr. Jacobson in "The New Adventures of Old Christine" in 2006. Played Mrs. Tanen in "Ugly Betty" in 2006. Played The Mother in "Separated at Worth" in 2006. Played Peg McGinley in "Back to You" in 2007. Played Judy in "In the Mix" in 2009. Played Dottie in "Modern Family" in 2009. Played Patty Schultz in "Castle" in 2009. Played Betty Goscowitz in "Temple Grandin" in 2010. Played Wendy in "Get Him to the Greek" in 2010. Played Mrs. Pubich in "Bad Teacher" in 2011. Played Jane in "Happily Divorced" in 2011. Played Grandma James in "Dog with a Blog" in 2012. Played Florist in "The Five-Year Engagement" in 2012. Played Head of Committee in "Mary and Martha" in 2013. Played Judy in "The Crazy Ones" in 2013.