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Jane Eyre is a governess for Adele. (Mr.Rochester's daughter)

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Q: Who is Jane Eyre a governess for?
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Related questions

What does Jane Eyre do?

Jane Eyre is a governess.

Is Jane Eyre 15 year old when she became a governess?

No, Jane Eyre was 18 when she became a governess.

What was Jane Eyre's occupation?

Jane Eyre was a governess and a school teacher.

What was Jane eyes occupation?

Jane Eyre was a governess.

What was Jane's occupation?

Jane Eyre was a governess and a school teacher.

How old is Jane Eyre when she became a governess?

Jane Eyre was 18 when she became a governess. That is to say that she went to school in Lowood when she was 10 to 18 and then when she was still 18 she worked as a governess.

What is the name of the girl whose governess was Jane Eyre?


What is Jane Eytre's occupation?

I assume you mean Jane Eyre, she was a governess. A formal baby-sitter.

In Jane Eyre are there any newspapers mentioned?

She advertises for a governess position in the Herald.

Did Mrs Fairfax dislike Jane Eyre?

Mrs.Fairfax didn't dislike Jane Eyre. Mrs.Fairfax was very happy that Jane was going to live with her at Thornfield as she was all alone in that lonely house until Jane came as a governess. Mrs.Fairfax was more like a grandmother for Jane who took care of her.

Who employed Jane in the book Jane Eyre?

She was employed twice in the book. First by Mr. Rochester as his daughter's teacher (governess). Then, as a school teacher (mistress) for her cousin's friend.

Summary of Jane Eyre?

Jane Eyre is the coming of age story of a young orfan girl. She goes to boarding school, Lowood, to become educated and later becomes a governess. She travels to Thornfield as becomes the governess of a french girl, Adele, and son after falls for her caretaker, Mr. Rochester. The rest of the story is just the struggle of Jane to come to terms with herself and her love for Mr. Rochester.

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