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Jane Eyre is a literary classic, written in 1847 by Charlotte Bronte. It contains feminist elements and musings from the titular character.

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Jane Eyre

Is Jane Eyre a realistic book?

By the standards of its time, yes. but the story could not happen today. Jane would have gotten suspicious and using a device invented by one Alexander G. Bell would have called the Police or maybe a psychiatrist- this guy"s nuts! Like Scrooge and Erlking it probably could not happen today in the original sense- with Scrooge, Christmas is so commercialized- no businessman including pawn shops could ignore it! and so on time marches on.

Jane Eyre

Is Jane Eyre 1944 a public domain movie?

Probably not. The director died in 1986 and the foreign copyright would last for 70 years after that, in most countries.

In the USA it was released in 1944 with proper copyright notice, which gave it 28 years of copyright. If that was properly renewed, then the movie received copyright duration of 95 years from publication, i.e., 1944 + 95 -> until December 31, 2039.

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Jane Eyre

What was Jane Eyre's occupation?

Jane Eyre was a governess and a school teacher.

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Jane Eyre

Why are the names of places in Jane Austin and the book Jane Eyre blocked out with a hyphen example... -shire?

Because they don't exsist. Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte were both using fictional places, so instead of making up names and taking away from the reality of the books, they did as was the custom during that time and just ignored the first part of the name.

Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre mother figures?

One mother figure is Miss Temple, the headmistress of Lowood Institution and later her friend, when Jane Eyre became a young adult. Miss Temple married and left Lowood, which caused Jane immediately to feel so lonely that she began to think of leaving and changing her situation.

Mrs. Fairfax, the housekeeper at Thornfield Hall, might also be seen as a mother figure. Jane respected her, valued her opinions and judgment, and enjoyed her companionship, especially in the early days of her employment there.

Much later in the story, the old servant Hannah might even be seen as a mother figure, because she took that role with the Rivers children after their own mother died, and she also became very fond of Jane once she accepted her as a member of their family.

Another mother figure is the moon. I know that sounds unlikely, but I'll explain how this is true. First let's look at a quote from Jane Eyre: I lifted up my head to look: the roof resolved

to clouds, high and dim; the gleam was such as the moon

imparts to vapours she is about to sever. I watched her come-

watched with the strangest anticipation; as though some word

of doom were to be written on her disk. She broke forth as

never moon yet burst from cloud: a hand first penetrated the

sable folds and waved them away; then, not a moon, but a

white human form shone in the azure, inclining a glorious

brow earthward. It gazed and gazed on me. It spoke to my

spirit: immeasurably distant was the tone, yet so near, it whispered

in my heart-

"My daughter, flee temptation."

"Mother, I will." (Jane Eyre ch. 27)

Now let's look at what makes the moon a motherly figure.

The real 'motherly figure' that the moon is representing is most likely her real mother, who Jane has no true memory of her appearance. The 'moon' she sees in the dream may be interpreted as guidance from her dead mother, as she gives Jane advice. It would most definitely fit in with the supernatural aspect of the book. Also how she the 'moon' calls Jane daughter and Jane calls the 'moon' mother. That could mean that the 'moon' is actually Jane's mother, not just a figurative 'mother'.

Jane Eyre

In Jane Eyre she inherited 20000 pounds in 1847 how much would that be in modern dollars or pounds?

About 1.7 million pounds in modern money.

Roughly mind you, in US Dollars in the recent years it would be equivalent to 14.0 million. Be it 1847 or 2012... that's a pretty penny! =)

Jane Eyre

Which books did Jane Eyre might enjoy reading?

She might have enjoyed Wide Sargossa Sea by Jean Rhys.

Jane Eyre

What is the significance of the title of Jane Eyre?

Jane Eyre as a title is both simple yet very significant. It is significant because the book really is about Jane finding out who she is - becoming Jane Eyre, you could say. During the beginning of her life, she was lost. She had no family who loved her, and the family she did have (Mrs. Reed and her three children) despised her. She developed into a quiet, humble child who was scarred from the demons of her past. She never really believed that she could or should be anything other than subservient and unassuming.

This is reinforced during the time she spends in Lowood School, where she is forced into a conforming academy where everybody is like everyone else, from the way they dress to the way the speak. There is no individuality. Jane again learns to be quiet, simple.

But the adventure she has at Thornfield (Mr. Rochester's house) totally transforms her. She finds people like Mrs. Fairfax and Adele, who immediately treat her nicely and with respect, who want to be her friend; and people like Mr. Rochester, who understands her better than anyone and who loves what he sees. Jane feels more comfortable with this environment, more herself.

And when she removes herself from Thornfield after hearing of Mr. Rochester's wife, she becomes independent. She struggles with the loss of Mr. Rochester, but ultimately learns how self-reliant she can be; Jane Eyre, though she loves him, is not defined by Edward Rochester. She finds she is her own person, with thoughts and firm beliefs that are unyielding (which is why she refuses her half-cousin's marriage proposal because she didn't love him.) Receiving her uncle's inheritance furthers this feeling of self-worth.

Once she returns to Edward, at the end of the story, she is finally his equal. Jane knows who she is, what she believes in, and is not ashamed of it. She is not ashamed to speak her mind and be something other than humble and submissive. Jane marries Mr. Rochester in the end not as the quiet, harassed person from her childhood - but as the new, greatly improved, strong Jane Eyre that she was always meant to be.

Jane Eyre

Why Jane Eyre refuse to accept Rochester's proposal?

Jane Eyre first accepts Mr.Rochester's proposal. But on the day of their wedding Jane gets to know about Rochester's mad wife "Bertha Mason", who was locked in Thornfield. Then Jane Eyre runs away from Thornfield, because she thought that she was betrayed and taken for granted as she was just another governess.

Jane Eyre

Which instructor did Helen like most in Jane Eyre?

Miss Temple

Jane Eyre

What kind of clothes did Jane Eyre like to wear?

beat up holy clothes with stans everywhere like bleach stans lol

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What is the historical context in Jane Eyre?

Early 1800's England. Jane Eyre takes place in 19th Century England, though we are never specifically told where in England it is. We're talking about fictitious towns throughout England, throughout the novel. It also takes place during the heyday of imperialism, which is where the whole Bertha thing is coming from. Take a look here for some great background info: http://www.shmoop.com/literary-device/literature/charlotte-bront-235/jane-eyre/setting.html Those 19th century folks had some crazy ideas.

Jane Eyre

Does Jane Eyre and Helen burns have a lesbian relationship?

Of course they did. The Victorians were very open with the idea of Lesbian relationships at this age, as it prepared them for their sexual duties in marriage. The Victorians still held aggression towards homosexuality however.

Jane Eyre

What is the opening sentence of Jane Eyre?

There was no possibility of taking a walk that day. We had been wandering, indeed, in the leafless shrubbery an hour in the morning; but since dinner (Mrs. Reed, when there was no company, dined early) the cold winter wind had brought with it clouds sombre, and a rain so penetrating, that further out-door exercise was now out of the question.

Jane Eyre

What is the central conflict in Jane Eyre?

Jane Eyre is an example of a female hero's journey. In order for the plot to resolve Jane must find herself by following a path to independence. She ends up with Rochester only after she has found herself. She can return to him knowing that she has gained independence and so their relationship can be mutual without one depending on the other.

Jane Eyre

Who was the male actor in 'Jane Eyre?

That depends on which version you mean and who you mean.. if it was the 2006 BBC version and you are referring to Mr Rochester, the actor is Toby Stephens. If you are referring to the 1996 film version then it is William Hurt.

Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre summary in brief?

As a young orphan, Jane is sent to live with her uncle, who dies soon after her arrival. Jane is left in the care of her cruel aunt, who sends her to Lowood School to become a governess. Though conditions at the school are very poor, Jane makes friends there and finishes her education, obtaining a position as governess to the young Adele at a house called Thornfield. The master of the house, Edward Rochester, is seldom home, so Jane spends most of her time with Adele and the housekeeper, Mrs. Fairfax. Strange events occur at Thornfield. Jane awakens one night to smell of smoke and discovers Rochester asleep with his bed on fire. Also, she frequently hears creepy, startling noises. After saving Rochester, Jane realizes that she loves him but is too proud to confess her feelings. Rochester has a group of guests over to Thornfield, and they treat Jane as a servant, especially Blanche Ingram, whom Rochester is expected to marry. Mrs. Reed, Jane's former caretaker, sends for Jane as she is on her deathbed. She admits to Jane that once a John Eyre, some relative of Jane's, offered to adopt the girl, but Mrs. Reed maliciously lied that Jane had died in the typhoid epidemic that affected Lowood. After her visit, Jane returns to Thornfield and Rochester asks for her hand. She gladly consents, but a few nights before their wedding Jane wakes up to find a woman in her room wearing Jane's veil. Terrified, she faints, but Rochester convinces her she was imagining things. At their wedding the secret is revealed that Rochester is already married. He takes the wedding party to the attic to reveal his wife, Bertha, who went mad shortly after their marriage 15 years before. Shocked, Jane leaves and is a poor beggar until she meets Reverend Rivers and goes to live with him and his two sisters. There, Jane realizes that John Eyre has died and left his fortune to her. The Rivers, she discovers, are her cousins. The Reverend, though he does not love her, wishes to marry Jane because he believes she will make a good wife and missionary. Jane does not love him either, but feels obligated to accept his hand. One night, Jane hears Rochester calling to her. She returns to Thornfield and finds the house burned down at the hands of Bertha. Rochester tried but failed to save her, and he lost his sight in the process. Jane and Rochester marry.

Sorry it's still so long, but with a book like Jane Eyre, this is probably one of the shortest summaries you'll get.

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What were terracotta figures of mother goddesses?

Mother goddess figures representing fertility are as old as civilization itself. However, goddesses also represented other things in various cultures. Please refer to the links for examples of Greek/Roman and Cretian Goddess figures.

Jane Eyre

In Jane Eyre why did Rochester end his affair with Celine Varnes?

She was unfaithful.

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How did mr rochester know that something was different when the candles wad water were brought into the room?

Pilot, the dog, gave Jane's presence away.

Jane Eyre

When was Jane Eyre published by E M hale and company?

It published Jane Eyre sometime in the mid-twentieth century. The company printed (prints) many books for school-aged children. They did not date their books published some decades ago- the same printings were used for many years.

EVERY copy of Jane Eyre has a forward that is dated 1847, except the first printing. The forward was written for the Second Edition, and has been kept in every printing of the book since. So, just because that forward is there, does NOT mean the book was from 1847.

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How many times has Jane Eyre been made into a movie?

Well I know of the movies made in 1933, 1943, 1970,1973, 1983, 1996,1997, 2006....and the upcoming one is in march 2011.......personally i think it would be nice if they made a sequel to the 2006 one instead of telling the same story again and again.

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How much money did Jane inherit from John Eyre in the book Jane Eyre?


Jane Eyre

On Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre. Why is Rochester's wife Bertha so often referred to as Bertha Mason Shouldn't it be Bertha Rochester?

He does not consider himself to be married to Bertha because Robert Mason, Bertha's brother, sold her into marriage with Rochester.

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What is the name of Mr Rochester's first wife in Jane Eyre?



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