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Who is Jeff jarret?


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Tna founder and wrestler.

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by Jeff jarret in 2002

No, Jeff Jarrett is just a poser.

No he is part owner in TNA

Jeff and jerry jarret built the company in 2002

Jeff Jarret created TNA 7 years ago.

the founder of TNA is none other than Jeff jarret

no he will never come back.

Ask sting he beat him many times before.

TNA (Total Nonstop Action) Was Founded In 2002 By Jeff Jarret.

Jeff jarret was the guest ref mick foley was the enforcer Kurt angle spit at jarret. sting from behind with the scorpion driver 1-2-3 Winner: sting

Jeff Jarret only owns 40% of the company, TNA was founded by Jerry Jarrett and his son Jeff. Yes it was founded by Jerry and Jeff, but they sold 60% of it to Panda.

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100% Eric Bischoff 99 jeff jarret

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To beat Jeff Jarret i would try to use all chairs till they break and 2 finishers.

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