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"Kennedy" in "Sunrise Over Fallujah" refers to a character named Jonesy Kennedy, who is a young soldier in the book. Kennedy serves in the United States Army during the Iraq War and is part of the civil affairs unit tasked with rebuilding infrastructure and fostering relationships with the local population.

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Q: Who is Kennedy in sunrise over fallujah?
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How many pages are in Sunrise over Fallujah?

There are 288 pages in the book "Sunrise Over Fallujah" by Walter Dean Myers.

Who was the protagonist in Sunrise Over fallujah?

the iraqis

How many pages in sunrise over fallujah?


What page does captain pendleton get killed in sunrise over fallujah?


What is the conflict and resolution of Sunrise over Fallujah?

don't know, u tell me...

Who are the characters in Sunrise over Fallujah?

Jonesy Robin "birdy" Perry Captain Coles Marla

Are cliff or spark notes available for sunrise over fallujah?

Yes, there are study guides and summaries available for "Sunrise Over Fallujah" on websites such as SparkNotes and CliffNotes. These resources can provide chapter summaries, character analyses, themes, and other helpful information for understanding the book.

What was the falling action in Sunrise over Fallujah?

In "Sunrise over Fallujah" by Walter Dean Myers, the falling action occurs as the main characters deal with the aftermath of the intense battle in Fallujah. They reflect on the impact of their experiences, struggle to reintegrate into civilian life, and try to come to terms with the emotional and physical wounds they have suffered. The resolution focuses on their attempts to find peace and healing.

Who is the Protagonist and antagonist in Sunrise over Fallujah?

The protagonist in "Sunrise over Fallujah" is Robin Perry, a young soldier deployed to Iraq. The antagonist is the war environment itself, along with the violence, uncertainty, and moral dilemmas it presents to the characters.

What is the climax of sunrise over fallujah?

The climax of this book was most likely the part where Captain Coles was killed by a roadside mortar. This was the first death of a main character in the book, and this part had, overall, more action and conflict than most other parts in the book. Therefore, Coles's death was the climax of 'Sunrise over Fallujah.'

What is the document that explains to the soldiers how they need to interact with the Iraqi people in sunrise over Fallujah?

The document that guides soldiers on how to interact with the Iraqi people in the book "Sunrise Over Fallujah" is known as the Rules of Engagement (ROE). It outlines the guidelines and restrictions on the use of force and specifies how soldiers should engage with civilians and non-combatants during their mission.

What items were used as symbols in Sunrise over Fallujah?

In "Sunrise over Fallujah" by Walter Dean Myers, items such as body armor represent protection and safety, while cell phones symbolize connection and communication back home. The Iraqi flag serves as a symbol of the conflict itself, highlighting the ongoing tension and power struggles in the region.