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Q: Who is Masashi Kishimotos favourite akatsuki member?
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How do you become an Akatsuki member?

You dont become an Akatsuki member cause Its an Anime perhaps

Is the unnamed Akatsuki member Naruto's mother?

Nope. She is assumed to be dead in manga. We'll have to wait and see who is the unnamed Akatsuki member in coming chapters.

Do you have to be an anti ninja to be a member of the akatsuki?

No. The akatsuki members come to the people they want to recruit, and give them a test.

Who is the unnamed akatsuki member?

Her name is Konan btw.

Which akatsuki member was assigned to the 7 tails?


Who is the friend of the father of naruto that became akatsuki?

Minato has no friend that became a member of Akatsuki.. only Jiraiya's friend (Orochimaru). None of Minato friend joined Akatsuki.

Where can you find a akatsuki member create game?

deviant art

Konan is a member of the akatsuki what is inscribed onto her ring?

dog :)

Does jiraya ever die?

Yeah the akatsuki member Pain kills him.

Which member of the Akatsuki has had more than 2 subordinates?

Orochimaru... i think.

Konan from Naruto?

The female member of Akatsuki, is using paper techniques.

What village was sasori on in nurato shuppeden?

Before Sasori became a member of the akatsuki, Sasori was a member of the sand village.