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Who is Nelson Dida?

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Nelson Dida is a 33 year-old Brazilian goalkeeper that plays soccer for Italian giants AC Milan. He is one of the best in the business and is recently returning to form after being struck by a flare in the UEFA Champions League in a rivalry game against Inter Milan. Dida is a fine goalkeeper and was one of the few players on the Brazilian national team that werent criticised for their performance in this past summers world cup.

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Where is Nelson dida?

nelson dida doesn't play for AC milan because he died/faint.......:(

Is Nelson Dida married?

Yes he is and he has two children a boy and a girl!

Who is Brazil's goalkeeper?

Dida, whose full name is Nelson Jesus da Silva.

When was Dida born?

Dida was born on October 7, 1973.

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Who is the keeper for AC Milan?


Who is the starting goalie for ac Milan?

Is it Dida.

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Nélson de Jesus Silva - Dida (IMO)

Second best goalie in soccer?

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Jersy Dudek for Liverpool and Dida for AC Milan

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