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His brothers and Maya Kibble! and Julia Herdman ( his kid best friend. she is 12)

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Who is Nick Jonas best bud?

Nick Jonas has a good friend named Maya.

Who is a best friend of Nick Jonas?

It's Maya.

Does Nick Jonas have a best friend who is a dude?

Nick Jonas has quite a few friends who are guys but his best friend is Maya who he has been best friends with since they were children. and Julia Herdman is his 12 yr old girl best friend

Are jess McCartney and Nick Jonas friends?

theiy r not! best friend of nick Jonas is his brothers joe and Kevin!

Which Jonas Brother is the 'best golfer'?

Nick Jonas Nick Jonas Nick Jonas

Which Jonas Brother is the best looking?

The cutest Jonas Brother is so Nick Jonas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This message right here is not written by the 1st girl anyways i think joe Jonas is hot lol!! My friend LOVES nick Jonas and my other friend likes Kevin because everyone like joe and nick the best but my friend picked Kevin but hes still a cool guy anyways

How do you become Nick Jonas Girl Friend?

Only Nick Jonas himself can answer that =)

Is Joe Jonas best friend best friends with Nick Jonas?

im preety sure that his brother is his best friend. he loves his family witch i think is a really sweet thing!

How do become I Nick Jonas Friend?

If you are a girl nick Jonas likes it if you don't come on to strong If you are a guy Nick Jonas likes lt if you just hangout with him and be his NICE friend

Who are Nick Jonas' best friends?

his only true best friend is Maya a family and childhood friend his kid best friend is Julia Herdman

Who is Nick Jonas best freind?

Nick's brothers Kevin and Joe Jonas, And long time friend Mandy.

Does Nick Jonas like Selena gomeza?

nick Jonas does like Selena as a friend

Who is Kevin Jonas best friend?

Tiffany carullo lives in New York also nick and joes best and clostest friend

How do you get in touch with Nick Jonas?

to get in touch with nick Jonas u can get a myspace and look him up and add him as a friend!!!:) to get in touch with nick Jonas u can get a myspace and look him up and add him as a friend!!!:)

Does Joe Jonas has a friend who is a girl?

Who is Joe Jonas's best friends? His best friend is Sabrina Banks, ... is alsodating his little brother Nick Jonas, and Also the new friend of Miley Cyrus.

Who is demi lovato's best friend 2013?

selena gomez and nick jonas are her best friends they are always there for her !

What is the best song Nick Jonas wrote?

Who I Am from Nick Jonas and the Administration

Nick Jonas best friend?

He has a friend Maya who is about 3 years younger than him, he also has a best friend he talks to frequently, who will remain nameless(for now) and his BEST friend is actually called Romy

Who is Maya kibble?

Maya Kibble is the "Jonas Sister" she was one of Nick Jonas' best friend when he lived in New Jersey, Her life story is the exact same as the song "Rose Garden" from Nick Jonas and The Administration.

Who is her boy friend?

Jonas bother nick

Can Nick Jonas Swim?

Yes, Nick Jonas can swim. Nick Jonas is a singer and musician is best known for being a member of the Jonas Brothers.

Who is brenda songs best friend?

Brenda Song has many best friends, she is best friends with Miley Cyrus, Ashley Tisdale, Selena Gomez, Debby Ryan, Joe Jonas, the whole Jonas family, Nick Jonas' best friend Maya Kibbel and Andrew Garfield.

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Who won the Win a Date With Nick Jonas Contest?

Meredith From Claremore Oklahoma my best friend yay

Who is Nick Jonas bestfriend?

Nick Jonas's best friend is Maya Kibble; shes a family friend because their dad used to be best friends with hers, but he passed away.Another family friend is Mandy Vandaye (or something like that:))

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