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Nightcloud is the final mate of Crowfeather. Their son is Breezepelt! I LOVE WC


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Nightcloud is a character from the Warriors book series by Erin Hunter. She is a WindClan warrior and the mother of Breezepelt. Nightcloud is known for her fierce and protective nature.

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Q: Who is Nightcloud?
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Does Crowfeather chose Nightcloud or Leafpool?

Crowfeather ultimately chooses Leafpool over Nightcloud. Although he has kits with Nightcloud, his heart belongs to Leafpool.

Does leafpool like Nightcloud?

No! Leafpool does not like that bossy furball! Matter of fact Nightcloud was supporting Mudclaw, she attacked who is now her mate! Nightcloud is not favored by the Thunderclan cat.

What powers does nightcloud have?


Does Crowfeather like Breezepelt?

No, the reason why is because he loved Leafpool and he didn't love Nightcloud and Breezepelt was his and Nightcloud's kit.

Who does crowfeather love?

Leafpool and Nightcloud. But i think he only mated nightcloud just so he can prove he is still loyal to his clanmates.

Who is Breezepelt?

He is the son of Crowfeather and Nightcloud.

Who are breezepaw's parents?

They are Crowfeather and Nightcloud.

Who was Nightcloud's mate?

Nightcloud's mate was Crowfeather, a warrior from WindClan in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. They had a son together named Breezepelt.

Who are breezpelts parents?

His parents are Crowfeather and nightcloud

Is Nightcloud Breezepelt's mom?

Yes, Nightcloud is Breezepelt's mother in the Warriors book series by Erin Hunter. Nightcloud is a WindClan warrior who had Breezepelt with Crowfeather when he was in a brief relationship with her.

Does Crowfeather hate Nightcloud and Breezepelt?

Crowfeather doesn't hate Nightcloud and Breezepelt, but he does have complicated relationships with them. He resents Nightcloud for the forced relationship they share and struggles to connect with Breezepelt due to past conflicts and misunderstandings. Ultimately, Crowfeather cares for his family but must navigate his emotions and past to build stronger bonds with them.

Did Crowfeather ever get a new mate?

Yes, Nightcloud.